Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Rumors: A Concept Based on Current Design Patents

We all remember that the Galaxy S6 was widely praised for its excellent design, that’s why it makes sense to ask the question of what will happen with the design of the next Samsung S7 phone.

The 3DFuture design team has been working and created a series of 3D images of Galaxy S7 Edge, based on Samsung’s own patents.

The first thing that draws attention in the conceptual images is how Galaxy screen S7 Edge extends around the top and bottom of the device rather than on both sides. This gives a sharp look, with a case that has a trapezoidal shape and two relatively sharp edges.


The S6 represented a significant shift in the development of the Samsung Galaxy family. With this terminal, the “cheap” feeling of the previous versions was gone – it was replaced by a phone full of nice looking features.

With rumors suggesting that Samsung is testing various chipsets and display options, the focus is now on new features that will set the Korean manufacturer, creator of the Galaxy S series and the upcoming Galaxy S7, ahead of its competitors.


While specifications are not yet confirmed, the truth is that they are more and more interesting and captivating with every new release. The basic information we have to date on it, is the release date, price, and technical specifications.

  • Release date: February 2016.
  • Price: around 750 USD.
  • Two variants with two or even three different processors.

Following the pattern set by the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and S6, hope that the next release of Galaxy S arrives around March or April; however, rumors are saying that the Galaxy S7 will be announced during February.


The media in South Korea says that the Samsung Galaxy S7 could come by the end of February. This seems quite likely since the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is due to take place between 22 and 25 February; also, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were also announced during the MWC. It would also be an opportunity for Samsung to mug Apple’s iPhone 6s.

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