How to Protect Your Smartphones in Various Scenarios

If it were a limb, the mobile phone may as well be connected by hip or by hand. Connectivity has increasingly grown in significance that even businesses have moved online to capture a larger following.

As mobile phones upgrade in style and software, there’s no breaking away from the fact that they still need a lot of work before becoming virtually unbreakable externally and internally. On this list, you’ll find tips on how to protect the smartphone in various scenarios.

Device Encryption and Strong Passwords

As standard, you must keep valuable files safely stored because the may be worth a lifetime of ideas, work, or connections. Encryption security begins with a password and fingerprint protection for most up-to-date phones in the market.

Set it up by navigating to Settings > Security > Passcode. Never register a simple code like 1234. The longer the code, the better. Set the phone to erase data after ten wrong passcode attempts, and always set up a backup. This would be iCloud for iPhones and Encrypt Device under Security for Android phones. Additionally, always use two-factor authentication.

Discard Public Wi-Fi Connections, and Turn Off Bluetooth and GPS When Not in Use

Cybercriminals are so rampant that they’ve gone so far as to set up a false wireless network just to make you think there’s free internet nearby. Always be wary of unfamiliar network names that do not support a password. It can be a malicious, untrusted connection waiting to absorb your phone’s information as soon as you’re connected. As much as possible, ask for the password of the store or restaurant you’re in, or better yet, use mobile hotspot.

Moreover, every phone unit has a unique address built in with the device. Do make a point not to reveal your phone’s location wherever you dine, or visit and turn off the phone’s GPS when not absolutely necessary.

Bluetooth is another open digital buffet for troublemakers to tap into. When it’s left turned on, malicious connections run a high risk of infiltrating your phone’s storage, especially in public areas like malls.

Be cautious at all costs in this age where almost anything can be sent or delivered instantly. Turn off what you don’t need.

Download Security Software

While the latest phones primarily come with preinstalled software like malware and firewall to prevent viral threats, always make extra measures to safeguard your device with a secure app. Check your phone manual or research if the phone has a secure software. If not, there are apps that specialize in shielding your phone from potential threats.

There are several Android antivirus applications that are trustworthy and proven to download for free. Having these functioning regularly in your phone will not only kick out threats, but will also clean unwanted old storage or temporary files and free space.

Additionally, make it a habit to update your smartphone to the latest version. The latest versions come with better security features, have less clogging, and remove glitches that deter your phone’s ability to function at modern speed.

Tempered Glass and Full-Body Case

Screen protectors must be the first layer you buy for that brand-new device. No, it’s not the plastic sheet it comes with; they’re hard plastic you purchase separately, and they guard the glass screen of your mobile device in case you drop it.

The screen protector absorbs the shock from the impact, and the glass won’t shatter. You can easily replace the protector with a new tempered glass when that happens.

In addition, full body protectors like iPhone cases count as the strongest armor for your phone’s entire frame. There are many high-quality and sturdy iPhone cases that are affordable online and in phone retail shops. Invest in one so you won’t need to buy a new phone too easily or too frequently.

Microfiber Cloth

Finer than thread, microfiber is the best-recommended material for cleaning electronics. Rougher cloths and unnecessary harsh chemicals (pure alcohol on screen) only do damage than good. Best to simply wipe the screen in a circular manner to get rid of the dust or smudges. You may add a small amount of water just enough for grime that stuck on the screen.

Elastic Finger Loop

Oftentimes, you wave your phones around because of call excitement, selfie posing, or other activities that you accidentally drop your phone. Elastic finger loops have solved this problem. They’re placed at the backside of the phone where your fingers can easily grip on. Get a grip. Seriously, you need it.

Handle with Care

Your phones are like a fifth limb, and because of that, you must equip it with protection like a good glove or a shoe. From antivirus software to exterior fittings, know what your phone needs in and out to prevent a gradual poor functioning.

Love your phone. Get it nice things to keep it functioning nicely also.

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