The Secret Code to Test a Samsung Smartphone or Tablet Before You Buy

When you buy a Samsung Galaxy, you maybe have a lot of questions about it while you invest a certain amount of money.

Secret codes were part of any software for centuries. Recently, it was discovered a secret code for Samsung smartphones that can be used to verify whether the device is working properly. This code works with Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

secret code in samsung galaxy

You’re probably wondering how you can access the secret menu. Well, you have to switch on the phone and call *#0*#.Immediately, the secret menu appears, and there you will find a number of buttons so you can test the specifications of the phone or tablet you want to buy.


Some of the menu options are not necessarily interesting. For example, Red, Green, Blue and Black allows you to test things like broken pixels or color irregularities.

If you press the Sensor you get a screen where you find interesting raw data about the phone or tablet. Also, if you click the Image Test, you will see a chihuahua, which means that a picture of someone’s dog hides across million Galaxy smartphones, no matter how stupid it may seem.

Touch test can be useful if you want to check the accuracy of the touchscreen. If you draw green lines, and no blank rectangle shows up, it means that the phone or the tablet has no problems with the touchscreen.

samsung green rectangle

Of course, you may want to try each of these options, to check whether or not your phone or tablet has any potential problems.

If you know other codes and you want to share with our readers, please leave it in the comments section.


  1. This is good for a phone but what about a tablet? How do you make a call on a tablet without having a dedicated app for that?

    • Type (+30012012732+ into your calculator (parentheses and all). A DRParser mode will appear where you can type the codes into your tablet.

  2. For other android phone, you can search the app Phone Doctor Pro to perform the same tests

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