A Few Handy Tips on How to Detect the Presence of Tracking Software on Your iPhone

Cell phones have become a matter of life and death in our lives today. In essence, smartphones have managed to transform the way we view communication. Almost all aspects of our lives have in some way been transferred to our phones. We run our bank accounts from our phones, we carry out purchase orders through our phones. Today, we even monitor our households through our phones.

As such, it is no wonder that people would maliciously seek to spy on us through the phones. Apple’s iPhones are touted as some of the most secure phones. This has not stopped people from trying to spy on iPhone laden persons. Parents, spouses, employers, hackers and a whole litany of users make up the list of potential people using spy apps. It is therefore important to get a few hints on if someone is remotely snooping at your phone activities.

Increase in data usage and costs
Spy apps installed on your phone are always required to send data back to a central depository. Constant data retrieval will often dent your data plans and increase your usage levels. In the past, smart users of such apps would only choose to retrieve text messages from your phone. However, with the increase in other forms of messaging, it has become inevitable to also retrieve other media from phones.
This has led to a rapid increase in the data amounts being used to transmit the captured. The more the media captured the higher the amount of data spent. In this regard, if you notice a sharp increase in your data usage, it might be time to do a review of your apps. You can always analyze if the data being spent tallies with the legitimate apps you are sure of having installed.

Spy apps are always running in the background. Even when your phone is in an idle state, they will still continue running. This tends to use up a huge portion of your battery quite fast. Related to the quick phone discharge is battery heat. If your phone rapidly heats up, you need to be concerned. Generally, both heating and quick discharges signify a hardware malfunction. Nevertheless, a trip to the technician would dispel this leaving you with one option; spy apps.

Cryptic text messages
From time to time some spy app controllers will send instructional messages to the iPhone. Most often these messages are encrypted and masked from the foreground. Unfortunately, they at times find their way to your phones foreground. When they do, you will receive a garbled message in your inbox. At certain intervals, the message might just flash on your screen then disappear. Once you see this you need to start checking your phone for foreign tracking apps.

Odd phone behavior
Among the reasons why people love iPhones are their app and hardware stability. As such you are not likely to find your iPhone behaving erratically. A clash of app controls caused by spy app invasion can, on the other hand, lead to odd behavior on your phone. Some of the behaviors to look for include constant unwarranted shutdown and booting of the phone. Additionally, if your phone’s background light brightens even when not in use, you should consider having it checked for malicious apps.


Call reception quality
How well is the reception quality on your phone? Do you keep on hearing a static buzz on your phone? Are there clicks or background noises whenever you talk to someone on the phone? This has always been an ancient means of detecting eavesdropping on calls. It is worth noting that the aforementioned problems can occur due to various other causes such as weather and electric interference. These though can only be one time occurrences. If you are constantly facing such problems, you may have to start thinking of tracking software for iPhones.

Jailbroken iPhone
In order to capture items such as WhatsApp chats, most tracking apps require that the iPhone is jailbroken. Jailbreaking allows the installation of third party apps on your iPhone independent of Appstore. Jailbreaking an iPhone adds an extra repository app called ‘Cydia.’ If you see this app on your phone and you had not carried out a jailbreak, something might be up. Worth a mention is that Cydia can be removed from the phones foreground. Conversely, in such an instance you can just search for it in your list of apps. If you find it you might have to initiate a hard restore of your iPhone. A hard restore is the surest way to revert your phone back to its original state.

Physical consciousness
Sometimes all it takes to get a hint of spying is being aware of your social surrounding. Pay attention to what members of your family, friends or colleagues say. Do they give hints on details that only you know of and which are stored on your phone? Are they letting in on your personal phone-based communications? It is human not to keep a secret for long. So if someone close to you is snooping remotely, they are bound to start giving hints unconsciously. If you notice such, run a phone diagnostic for foreign apps. Should you notice such apps, hurry up in doing away with them. Moreover, use that case to heighten your vigilance around people. Stay safe.

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