3D Touch: Galaxy S7 Could Copy this Key Feature from the iPhone 6S

The Galaxy S7We all remember that moment from the first presentation of Samsung Galaxy S6, back in March, when the company triumphally announced Samsung Pay, a feature supposedly similar to those existing in competitors, but unlike those products, capable of functioning with almost any payment terminal available. The feature was implemented as a direct response to Apple’s iPhone 6 payment function, introduced a couple of months in advance. It was indeed a significant advancement for the mobile payment ecosystem.

Now is the time to speculate. What feature of the iPhone 6s is the most probable for Samsung to introduce with the release of the new Galaxy S7, next year?

If your answer was the 3D touch screen, then you are pretty close to the right answer.  With the new model iPhone 6S, Apple has already introduced this feature. Samsung would still have to confirm these rumors, but the truth is that some stories are born with more emphasis in that this technology already exists and is called ClearForce display technology. The phone screen is sensitive to pressure and able to discern between different types levels of pressure applied on it.


The news comes directly from the Chinese social network Weibo. There it is said that Samsung would have already partnered with Synaptics ClearForce to implement the technology. The same technology is already being used by Huawei in Mate S.

Other rumors from Vietnam said that Samsung would release only one “Edge phone” over the next year, as part of the Galaxy S7 family. In early 2015, Samsung launched two different curved screen smartphones, including the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus.

Assuming that these rumors are true, there is still much time to see if all these assumptions will materialize in with the Samsung’s 2016 flagship. It would be interesting to see this 3D feature applied to the curved touch screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The video below shows a Galaxy S7 prototype.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA822l-Lixc]

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