Samsung Galaxy S6: Rumors, Features, News and Specs

galaxy-s6Samsung has yet to announce the official Galaxy S6 release date, it is almost certain that the Galaxy S6 will launch early 2015, remaining consistent with previous releases and direct rival to upcoming iPhone 6. Samsung, like its rival, Apple has become creature of habit, with annual product cycles certain times in a year The Galaxy Note 4 is set to launch in September 2014 with the media and world expecting the official announcement of release date of Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Korean manufacturers preferred to reveal their flagship phone line within weeks or at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. There is no reason to think that the S6 will not receive the same treatment. The 2015 MWC will be held from 2nd to 5 March, during which the anticipated release date could be revealed.

Samsung Galaxy S6 News

Although no confirmed news are available the release date, specs, etc. unconfirmed news, and rumors are rife about the Samsung S6. That the Galaxy S6 is one of the most eagerly awaited handsets ever is no doubt. Since the introduction of Samsung’s first Galaxy line in 2010 each year is an improved line-up from the Koreans.

That Samsung will improve and surprise is close to conclusive, especially with the lukewarm welcome the S5 received. The Galaxy S4 had global success and Samsung will not make the same mistake with the S6 as with its predecessor. Samsung news report that they intend to break any previous sales records and thus expected to go all out and make unbelievable rumors reality.

With the rumors that Samsung plans to launch another handset apart from their expected flagship, the Galaxy S6, it is more difficult to establish specs. Samsung is rumored to launch an improved Galaxy S5, before the S6 called the Galaxy Alpha. This will make the Galaxy S6 in even tighter competition within its own competitive line instead of only other manufacturers. It is an important battle for the Koreans who needs to improve sales after the slight let-down of the S5.

The most successful smartphone brand in terms of sales is currently the Korean giant, Samsung and way ahead of HTC and Apple. The firm loyalty base they enjoy with Android users is something cherished and therefore expect the S6 to be a resounding success.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept

It might still be over half a year from the official release date of the Samsung Galaxy S6, but rumors are already doing its rounds. The Samsung Galaxy S5 acted as slight iterative update on its predecessor the S4, but it is expected with the S6 they will make serious updates. According to some rumors a flexible body, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, QHD display, and higher resolution might be included.

Although some reports sound farfetched, it is widely known that the Korean manufacturer is working on flexible phones. However, other rumors have it that it will be too risky for Samsung to add this novel technology to the S6 and flexible phones to be a separate handset. Rumors make everyone believe or hope for a flexible device and if the new Galaxy Note 4 is released with a curved screen, then it is possible to see the same technology on the S6.

Size is equally important as image quality and rumors have it that the S6 display will be larger than its predecessors will The S6 may top around 5.3-inches to improve on the 5.1-inches of the other generations Galaxy S range. Rumors about Super AMOLED display, a Youm display, and a UHD display are all surrounding the S6.

Another rumbling rumor is the ditching of Samsung’s fascination working with plastic to an improved build quality. Galxy S5 users were not impressed with the low quality of their smartphone’s plastic casing with its release. Suggestions have it that the S6 may utilize graphene in some design elements as the Korans make progress with the material. Experts praised the potential unlocking of a brand new era of electronic technology for consumers with the recent graphene development by Samsung.

Talks about Tizen phones are rife; however, Samsung confirmed that the choice of Samsung remains Android operating systems. It is expected that the S6 will run 4.5 or even Android 5.0.

Expected Features

Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Scratch proof Gorilla Glass
  • Samsung Exynos Hexcore 800 processor
  • Bendable Screen
  • 8 MP front facing HD video camera for chat
  • Ultra high-resolution 4K display Light weight at 115 g
  • 4000 mAh monster battery

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

The Galaxy S6 will feature some of its predecessor features with a wealth of new features. Samsung has focused on water resistance, rear-mounted heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner with incorporating home button on the Galaxy S5 and it is almost guaranteed that the S6 will have all that and more.

Samsung change everything in terms of power with the latest chipset unveiled within S5 to appear in early 2015. That window fits perfectly with the expected release of the S6 in 2015 and it will have either Snapdragon 808 or Snapdragon 810 CPUs. Currently the S5 runs Snapdragon 801, which will also be improved with the release of the newer models S5 handsets.

The fact that the processor is known or nearly known makes it easier to speculate on other specs. Qualcomm recon that the particular processing units expected to be used allows for 55-megapixel cameras, introduction of CAT 6 LTE connections and UHD 4K supported displays. Other expected technical specs include 3.5mm headphone jack. USB 3.0, and NFC Wireless charging.

It is very likely that Samsung uses 64-bit, 6 core Snapdragon 808 minimum, which supports display resolutions of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Claims currently include the WQHD S6 screen, perfect for the resolutions. The Snapdragon 808 also introduces the Adreno 418 GPU, battery management improvements and a LPDDR3 memory. With no word on the camera yet, it would be surprising if Samsung does not improve on the S5 camera, which is the 16-megapixel camera. It is possible however, that Samsung could use up to 20-megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price

It is unlikely that the Galaxy S6 will be selling lower than the S5 and some of the guesses are that the price might match that of the LG G3, priced at around $800.

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