Samsung Galaxy S7 Probably be Launched at Mobile World Congress 2016

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile phones in the world. Its current flagship is the Galaxy S6, but rumors about its successor, Galaxy S7, have begun to emerge during the last months.

As expected, Samsung is silent on the Galaxy S7, but inevitably some information is left unfiltered online, satisfying the cravings of Samsung fans.

The Internet is increasingly abounding of rumors on the new Galaxy S7, a smartphone that will further the same aesthetic line initiated by the S6, using a combination of glass and metal that has been praised by millions of users. It is also speculated that the company is testing new 4K screens for the Galaxy Note 5, so it is likely that the Galaxy S7 will also use these ultra high-resolution displays.

What everyone expects, is to hear what we will find inside the Galaxy S7. A comment made by somebody working for Samsung hinted that the Korean company will have Qualcomm chipsets for its next flagship smartphone, and there have been reports that pointed out Qualcomm and Samsung are jointly working together to build the brand-new Snapdragon 820. Information that emerged also mentioned that the S7 Exynos will use a 64-bit processor with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The Galaxy S7 should also have USB support type C and embedded SIM (E-SIM).


Is also expected the Galaxy S7 to incorporate some features that will differentiate it from competitors. Some of these rumored features are the 30-megapixel rear camera, the 10 megapixels front camera, and a gigapixel feature for clearer images. The Galaxy S7 must also be waterproof, dustproof, and will maybe feature an infrared sensor.

Samsung is famous for not changing its release date in most of their devices, and especially when it comes to high-end devices. So expect the company to continue with its regular schedule and Galaxy S7 will probably be launched during the Mobile World Congress set to be held between 22 and 25 February 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. A few weeks later S7 will be gradually released in countries around the world.

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