What I Would Like to See in the New iPhone 7

New-iOS-7-lookHi, guys! This is going to be a post about the iPhone 7. So you will note that I am not really a massive fan of this brand but since the iPhone 6 has been such a great success and since, to be honest, Apple has really shaped the market (wether or not some Android lovers like believe it), I think this is the right time to write this article about the next iPhone 7 which is likely predicted to be another success for Apple.

Unless we can argue that Apple hasn’t changed the way it sees its devices, I think that if the iPhone wasn’t introduced when it was, the whole marketplace would be well behind where it is today. If you are thinking about the progression of the smartphones before the actual iPhone was announced, every year they would be making very incremental improvements in terms of software, shape, level of games playable on these devices, and more. I think that ever since the smartphone market every year doubled the performance, tripled the performance and things we can do with our devices, Apple has absolutely revolutionised the market. Android is an excellent operating system in the recent years but I think this really is bold down to Steve Jobs and the team behind him up the time of the release of the original. Apple made a lot of progress since its came out from IOS 1 to IOS 8.

Although it may seem to have been a really big change with IOS 7, this has been a great improvement thru out. I think that lot of this software innovation stuff came beside your iPhone releases. I would say that they have actually added really useful features on every single stage of the iPhone release cycle. Probably the biggest step forward was with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ when the screen sizes got really thick. Both models have quickly become very popular among the iPhone fans all around the world. Apple fans really wanted to get their hands on the new models as soon as they had been released.

With these being said, iPhone 7 is something that I have really high hopes for. Just look what they have done with the previous models of iPhone or iPad Air – Apple really knows what is doing when it comes to engineering. Somehow with the iPad Air we thought that it is impossible to get there but they managed to literally double the performance, increase the GPU speed with about 40% and still make it slimmer. I really wonder how they’ve done it but it’s a first-class engineering. With the next iPhone I wouldn’t really want to see a higher resolution display, I don’t want to see enhanced fingerprint sensor controller; the things I want to see here are number one waterproof thing – something that the iPhone family is missing. This is a really important feature and makes a big difference between an Android and an IOS device.

I also think the camera land should take a step up in terms of size as many megapixels can go before they start to get limited by the size and quality of the sensor. Apple should also work on the speaker quality and on the whole iPhone and iPad family, they should put more attention on their music listening device line, on how the music actually sounds and build a real top-notch equaliser, probably a digital lamp to improve the sound quality.

Last but not least, I would like the iPhone 7 to be shatter-proof and smash-proof. It is ridiculous the number of people I see with smashed iPhone screens. Even iPhone 6 and 6+, none of them really stood the test of time like lot of Android devices. This is a point Apple really need to work on.

The device does not need to be impossibly thin so likely you can barely feel it in your hand and to be strong enough to work for years under normal conditions.

So I hope the iPhone 7 will be a great and easy to use accessory that won’t deny quality and state-of-art design of the previous releases such as iPhone 6

A conceptual view of the new iPhone 7

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpxGwbnOYYo]

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