DearMob iPhone Manager: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC with Encryption

This digital error is both a blessing and a curse. The ability to have cameras on almost any digital thing or everything connected to the internet has made security a major concern for many people. Since you have DearMob iPhone Manager, you will only have yourself to blame if your photos somehow find themselves with the wrong person. This software provides data security like never before. It guarantees to keep the contents of your iPhone –including your photos – as safe as possible. It uses military encryption technology to ensure that not even the most advanced hackers can dare touch your precious photos. Care to know more?

The User Interface

As you can see from the screenshot above, the user interface of the application is very straightforward and simple; it is intuitive. If you want to deal with your photos, you click the “Photo Transfer” icon. If it’s videos, the “Video” icon. It’s just that simple. You won’t have to think about anything as far as this software is concerned. It is very user-friendly because it was meant to make things easy for you. DearMob iPhone Manager was developed to make it easy to manage the contents of your iPhone. In fact, its main purpose is to enable you to transfer the contents of your iPhone or iPad to and from your computer. You can do amazing things like transfer photos from iPhone to PC with encryption.


Transfer your photos from your iPhone or iPad to your Computer

Whether you are using a Windows-based computer or a Mac, DearMob iPhone Manager was meant to make it easy for you to keep your photos safe. It enables you to encrypt your photos once they have been moved to your computer such that no one will be able to access them without your permission. Even if a hacker somehow managed to hack your computer, they won’t be able to have anything against you (as far as your photos) are concerned, because they won’t be able to do anything with them without decrypting them. And only you will be the one who is able to decrypt them since only you will be in possession of the decryption key required to decrypt the photos. In this time and age when people’s private photos are finding their way online without their permission, a software like this is invaluable because it will keep your photos safe and sound.

And transferring your photos from your iPhone or iPad is very easy.

  1. Connect your iPhone/ iPad to your computer and then click the “Photo Transfer” icon on the main interface.
  2. Select the photos you want to export, and then click “Export”. (without encryption)
  3. If you want encryption, select the option that says “Export with Encryption”, while exporting. It uses military-grade encryption to provide layers and layers of encryption to ensure even the best hackers in the world cannot access your data. You see; very straightforward.

Furthermore, this amazing software enables you to convert HEIC photos into JPG so that you can store and view them on your PC. HEIC photos are not compatible with Windows-based computers, that’s why conversion may be necessary.

Music Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager enables you to transfer all your music files on your iPhone/ iPad to your computer. It is far much better than using iTunes or iCloud. All the data limitations you encounter with iCloud will be no more. You’ll get to save all your music and convert them (without losing quality) to various Windows or Apple formats so that you can either listen to stuff meant for Macs on Windows machines or vice versa. The app also enables you to create ringtones and transfer them without using iTunes. This app will make you forget that iTunes exists; at least as far as data transfer is concerned.

Video Manager

With this software, you can now transfer the videos on your iPhone/ iPad to your PC and view them offline. Moreover, it enables you to convert 8K videos to a more suitable format; at least as far as space is concerned. You can also export 4K videos and compress other large videos to save space on your phone. Just imagine all the space you’ll be able to save by moving those large video files or compressing them and moving them to your computer?


Transferring data to iCloud takes both bandwidth and time because uploading data is almost always a slow process. Particularly when you are dealing with large files. DearMob iPhone Manager takes this stress away. All the data transfer I’ve been mentioning so far will be done at alarmingly high speeds. You won’t believe it. The software is really fast and efficient.

Furthermore, you can even do a full backup of your device. Yes, you can have your entire phone on your PC, encrypted, and safe. Even if you lose your phone for whatever reason, all the important content in it like your contacts, photos, videos, songs, among others, will be safe and sound. When you acquire another phone, you’ll just restore things and everything will be business as usual.

DearMob iPhone Manager is the best software so far when it comes to managing the contents of your iPhone/iPad. There is both a Mac and Windows version of the software. Whichever operating system you are using, you’ll be able to easily transfer stuff between your iPad or iPhone and your PC. I doubt you’ll discover any other software out there that’s as efficient, effective, and robust at doing this any time soon.

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