Apple Watch: A Revolutionary Change in the World of Mobile Technology

With the release of Apple Watch, Apple Inc. made its mark in the wearable electronics segment. Packed with a lot of beautiful features, the watch was one of the trendiest things to have come forward in a long time and revolutionized the use of smartphones. The watch was followed by many such devices by Android manufacturers, who built similar smart watches for their brands.

Apple Watch

But, the finesse and the elegance of the Apple Watch made it one of the best wearable electronic devices in the segment. Moreover, Apple branded their watch as a fashion accessory and the device sold more than 4 million units since the start of its shipping in April 2015. The Apple Watch has become one of the fastest-selling wearable electronic devices in the market and has strong potential for changing the entire landscape of the app market of the world.

Impact of Apple Watch:

As per the reports of an iPhone App Development Company the launch of the Apple Watch brought about a change in the app market too. There are many specialized apps that are developed for the small watch screen of the Apple device and the developers are also exploring the possibilities of adding more personalized health, weather, news, time and financial apps for the device, which will ultimately make your life easy.

The different variants of the watch show a difference in materials used. However, the OS inside and the hardware is much the same in all Apple Watch variants launched in the market right now. The device requires iPhone 5 and above for connection and can be controlled by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Using the WatchKit, developers from all over the globe can create apps for the Apple Watch. The screen of the watch boasts of an LCD and has circular icons and crisp viewing angles to make the device look sophisticated and elegant.

The launch of the Apple Watch created a stir in the market and allowed Apple to gain on the quarterly profits as well as helping them accelerate the sales of their iPhones into the market, especially in the US and Europe.


Features of Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch allows users to interact with their iPhone in a whole new way and also enables them to stay in touch with their near and dear ones in a more intimate fashion. Some of the major features that make Apple Watch a revolutionary product in the electronics market, as per the reports of an iPhone App Development Company are:

  • Timekeeping: Yes, that is the most essential feature of a watch. But have you imagined a watch that keeps time as accurate as 50 ms of the global standard. The Apple Watch has the best timekeeping capability in addition to all the other features offered by the company. Moreover, the time can be presented to you in many different customizable forms.
  • Alerts: The device gives you small physical taps to tell you about new messages and calls. Moreover, there are fun ways to interact with your friends using the watch as you send sketches, taps and even your heartbeat to your near and dear ones and strengthen your bonds over the device.
  • Fitness: Another major feature is the built-in fitness app that allows you to track your daily activities. As the watch is quite sensitive, the daily workout regime and the pulse rates, along with your walking and running period and distance are carefully calculated and the app keeps you posted on how your regime will help you out in attaining your fitness goals.
  • Fashionable Designs: The Apple Watch is elegant, sporty and whatever you want it to be. With so many strap choices available in the market, the watch can be turned into an elegant piece of art and also into a sporty beast as per your needs and the occasion. The design is one of the major reasons for the sale of this product in the US market.
  • Specialized Apps: Using the Watchkit, apps can be developed for the Watch, and there are companies providing affordable app designing, which are helping in developing an entirely new App Store for the Watch.

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