What to Consider when Buying a Wine Cooler

Wine CoolerTo keep your favourite vintages at their ideal temperature then owning a good wine cooler is indispensable. We let to find out the funtions and the features available before buying a wine cooler.

Survey your options

Wine coolers are available in three types:

  1. Compressor wine cooler: The single purpose wine refrigerators provide steady temperatures even in extreme climates.
  1. Thermoelectric wine cooler: They’re excellent for small space, with the advantages inexpensive, efficient and quiet while running.
  1. Wine chiller: The wine chiller sleeves wrap around the bottle to make cool them quickly. Another type available for either red or white wines slips over the bottle neck and chills as you pour.

Important features

The following are the features available need consider for keeping your wine safe and cool:

  • Glass door: Glass doors insulate your wine is the necessary factor to stabilize temperature fluctuation and add UV protection
  • Thermostat: The thermostat agree for you control best serving temperature.
  • LED Lights: LED lights are the best source will not harm your wine over time compared to other light sources.
  • Lock: A lock on wine fridges will help you avoid prying hands away from your collection.

Some useful elements

Don’t forget these factors to find a wine cooler that fits your needs:

  • Dual region wine coolers: With controls separate temperature in two compartments, help you stock different types of wines (like red and white) at different temperatures.
  • UV protection: The wines can be damaged by exposure to UV radiation in the long time, but a sturdy door will impede you to show off your wine collection. A wine cooler with a glass door is a thing you should consider.
  • Built-in wine cooler: If you’re planning to construct a new kitchen, consider a built-in wine chiller. You don’t have to leave open space behind the equipment, because it can suitable completely into your cabinetry and vent in the front.

Some other factors to note when buying and utilizing wine chiller

  • Temperature of preserving wine: From 5 to 18 C is the temperature range optimum serving temperature for your wine fridge, it will depend on the wine amount you’re storing.
  • Fluctuation: With a full fridge is rarely have ability vacillate in temperature.
  • Aging: Although wine fridges aren’t a design to age wine, but compare to others, it absolutely is a better choice for long-term storage. Consider temperature fluctuation, UV protection and humidity, if you intend storing your wine for over five years.
  • Model: Many wine chiller is built to stand out or to accommodate with your kitchen decor like wood or stainless steel.


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