Why Should Wine Be Your Preferred Alcoholic Beverage?

With so many options in the alcoholic beverages department, why should you go with wine first? While drinking a cold beer on a hot day of summer at a BBQ party might be fine, and the occasional cocktail is also something you can indulge in, wine should be your choice of drink on any other occasion. From a glass of Merlot savored with an authentic America burger to a glass of Riesling paired with your favored spicy dish, wine is a versatile and tasty drink that will never disappoint your alcoholic beverage craves. However, why is wine so popular and why should you skip on all other drink and go with this one instead? Read the following details and find out.

It’s the classiest choice on the drinks menu

Whether you just want a single glass to go with your meal, or you want to drink the entire bottle, you have to admit that wine is by far the classiest option on the drinks menu. So even if you end up getting a bit tipsy, it doesn’t matter, when it’s just wine, right? Everybody knows that wine drunk is the classiest form of drunk, so it’s perfectly fine to refill your glass as often as you want when you’re dining out at a restaurant.

It could be the same as working out

According to a certain study, a glass of red wine is said to provide you with you the same benefits as spending an entire hour at the gym, thanks to the resveratrol compound it usually contains. What this specific compound does is boosting your heart rate, and pumping up your muscle performance. So, next time you are feeling guilty you have yet again skipped your gym session, just go for a glass of red wine, and the problem is solved – you are a healthy, fit person!

It prevents you from feeling bloated

While you might often want to drink a couple of beers, or perhaps a cider or two, the odds are, you won’t feel that well after that. It’s known that beer as well as several dark liquors can often make you feel bloated, which is certainly something you probably want to avoid. Well, with wine, you won’t have to worry about this issue. Even if you end up having one too many glasses, you’ll still feel fine in this department. And remember, wine drinking also helps you sleep better, which is just another plus.

Isn’t it fruit?

Nine servings of fruit a day seems like a lot, right? Well, wouldn’t a few glasses of wine work better instead? Although in liquid form, isn’t wine technically fruit? You should certainly go with a “yes” on that question, and enjoy to the fullest your daily liquefied “fruit salad”.

It may help you fight “the blues”

It’s well known that alcohol usually helps you unwind and gives you an overall more positive state of mind, but can wine actually help you fight against depression? According to one study carried out in Spain, experts have observed how women and men who consumed at least two glasses of wine per week, and a maximum of seven were less prone to experience depression symptoms. Specialists also analyzed other factors that could have influenced the results, and the conclusions still linked wine drinking to a better resistance to depression and anxiety. So when you are in the mood of something alcoholic, keep in mind that wine might actually be a hidden source of positivity and happiness.

Reduces NAFLD risks

Commonly, consuming alcohol is linked to certain liver problems. Well, that’s not the case with moderate wine drinking, but on the contrary, it might actually help your reduce your risk of dealing with a Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – NAFLD. Those who drink this type of beverage moderately and regularly can decrease their odds of developing a liver disease even by 50 percent, which is certainly impressive. This is not the case with beer or other liquor drinkers, which are more prone to NAFLD risks.

It protects you against that nasty cold

In comparison with beer drinkers, or those who prefer other types of alcoholic beverages, wine lovers are actually more protected against the common cold, at least that’s what searchers have to say after observing more than 4,000 participants in the study. The link between cold prevention and wine revolves around the antioxidants found in the beverage, which have the role of effectively lowering inflammation and reducing other regular symptoms of cold. So maybe that cold remedy your grandma used to tell you about was actually based on true facts.

It goes great with cheese!

Who doesn’t love cheese, right? Whether it’s a platter of French delicatessen or your regular cheesy treats, the right type of wine will go perfectly with your favorite culinary delights. This beverage will give you the perfect excuse to eat cheese, even when your diet might be telling you otherwise.

Feel and look sexy!

This may not be your number one reason to always choose wine when ordering a drink at a bar/restaurant, but think about it, there’s no other drink that will make you feel or look sexier when drinking it. You can still be classy even when you are a bit tipsy, if you are holding a glass of wine in your hand rather than a bottle of beer or a glass of whiskey. And who cares if your teeth are a bit wine stained, nobody will even notice.

So, next time you’re in the mood from some alcohol, skip on the beer or other options, and get some wine instead. It’s tasty, it’s classy and if you perhaps end up drinking too much, you may not actually deal with such an unbearable headache the next day. With such an impressive variety of wine types available, you will certainly find one that suits your taste perfectly. However, remember that moderation is key, so while wine can be good for you from various points of view, you need to remain responsible with how much you actually consume on the regular (it’s still an alcoholic beverage).

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