3 Of The Best Australian Wine Valleys

regrtgrtgwtIt has only taken 200 years but the Australian wine industry has progressed and developed into a renowned powerhouse all across the world. Australian wineries are acknowledged as easily the equal of the far older French, Italian and Spanish vineyards, and no wonder – we have some of the best wine producing areas in the world!

Australian wine production is characterised with quality, innovation and detail. It is consistently amongst the best in the world as one of the top ten wine producing countries to the extent that we have consumers constantly buying Aussie wine in China, USA, and all over Europe.

Margaret Valley

Margaret Valley is one of the jewels of the Australian wine valleys; it is consistently ranked amongst the best as one of the world’s best wine regions. As such, it is no surprise that it produces 20% of Australia’s premium wines, and this is a direct result of the unrivalled growing conditions with the South West of Australia which ensures the intense quality of the wine itself.

There are reasons behind why Margaret Valley wine is so beloved, and that is because most of the wine region consists of small boutique wine producers. Even those that are large scale wineries themselves maintain a very personal, friendly and welcoming feeling.

It’s hard to believe but these intimate feelings are what characterise the beautiful flavour in the wine. Rather the natural beauty of the landscape, and the many different moods of ocean and land from each direction each offer subtle nuances that have been adopted by the wineries to create such premium wine.

You will find that although Margaret River wine is famous for the outstanding blends it has in its Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, it has quickly become renowned for Australia’s best Chardonnay. This has extended to other outstanding and exceptional red wines including Cabernet Merlot.

These wines are constantly being bought by wine fanatics looking to buy wine in China like Dawine, USA, and Europe. It is well worth a personal trip to Margaret Valley to personally meet the owners of these wineries and engage with them over a glass of wine yourself.

Hunter Valley

Two hours north of Sydney you will find Australia’s oldest producing wine region known as the Hunter Valley. This treasure trove of wine is riddled with vineyards with beginnings as old as 1860.

These paddocks of vine stocks have become myths and legends amongst the most beloved of Australian wine lovers. It is a verdant valley, filled with narrow lanes leading to wineries of all types, the blaring sun and crisp air are considered decadence, and once you participate in a tasting at any of the Hunter Valley’s winery tastings, you will find the journey well worth it.

It is the heated climate, weather most common in the region that sustains the unique nature of the early Australian wine in the Hunter Valley region. You will find the origin to some of the most sought after Australian wines such as the Semillon and the Shiraz having originated in this valley.

There are layers of discovery in this valley, and the warmth combined with the red clay loam soil creates some of the most beautiful and luxurious Shiraz today. These are the kinds of wines that have become renowned and exceptional.

More than anything, Hunter Valley has developed so much more than just a simple winery valley but a place of culture and tradition. Any wine lovers who travel into the region will find these wineries accompanied with open-air concerts, wedding parties and hot-air balloons.

Tamar Valley

Within the most Southern part of Australia is the cool climate of Tasmania with mild summers. Here is where the famous Tamar Valle lies, in an area with a climate perfect for cool-climate wine making.

This valley is picturesque with orchards, wineries and forests huddled together within Northern Tasmania and fed by the fresh and refreshing waters of the Esk Rivers in both the North and South directions. The fertile growth of the region has led to some of the most high quality wines of Australia in variants completely different to its rival Australian states.

It was here in the Tamar Valley that Tasmania’s international reputation was built upon the exceptional Chardonnays, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

These premium wines have received consistent praise, winning awards for the Tasmanian wine industry since as early as the 1840s. The quality embedded in these wines is what still leads consumers to buying Australian wines in China, USA and Europe.

The Tamar Valley has become one of the most attractive areas of Tasmania because of these wineries, and any wine fanatics will find open doors when they travel along this route as winery owners encourage a range of wine tastings from their traditional cellar doors.

Barossa Valley

One of Australia’s most famous wine destinations, the Barossa Valley just north of Adelaide produces cheese, fruits and numerous delicacies, along with fine wines galore. The Barossa is an incredibly popular destination for wine tasting trips, and no visit to South Australia is complete without spending at least a day there!

The Barossa is famed for its rich, earthy red wines, which are almost taken for granted here in Australia but command premium prices in Europe and the United States. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from this valley are especially prized.

In addition to wine, the Barossa is home to Maggie Beer, the producer of numerous fine pates, dips, spreads and cheeses – essentially, everything that can be served alongside a great wine to best bring out the flavours!

The Barossa valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Australia, and wine tasting trips are a big reason for that – and no one leaves the Barossa without ordering at least a few boxes of good reds!


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