12 Interesting DIY Designs You can Easily Get from Cut Wine Bottles

Have you ever thought of using your wine bottles instead of throwing them outside? Don’t be surprised. You can re-use the bottles in a number of ways. We live in a society where money and assets or property are the main concerns. There are many people who regard the old things useless whenever they invest their money in something new. But we should try to find out several creative and unique ways to reuse those products. You would be surprised to find that you can make candle holders, different food plates and much more with old wine bottles. Just let your imagination flow and discover your creative self to make beautiful objects out of the abandoned wine bottles. Apart from imagination, die cutting tools are another thing you need to carry out your creative experiment.

Begin with cutting glass bottles:

Though it seems to be difficult to cut the wine bottles, if you apply the proper methods, it would not be so terrific for you. There are two methods that you can use to cut the glass such as:

Use a flame to cut the bottle:

First, take the glass drills in order to score a line. Arrange a support system that can keep the bottle in the right place. Heat the line you have drawn. It is better to use a candle or butane torch. You should target the score line to make it heated. Rotate the bottle continuously. Wait for 5 minutes. Now, you need to dip the wine bottles in the cold water, keep adding extra ice to the water. You might not get the bottle broken for the first time. So, you should keep trying the heating and cooling methods. After this, you may take a square shaped sandpaper in order to clean the edges of the glass.

Use a yarn to cut the bottles:

First of all, you need to choose a cutting line; then wrap it tightly around the cutting line. Next, you should cut the bows close and tie the bows with some scissors. Next, slip the yarn at the back of the bottle. Take some acetone or nail polish remover in a bowl, take the yarn in the bottle and soak it. Now adjust the yarn on the bottle in the proper position. When you are setting the yarn, make it sure that your hands are not wet of acetone. Now light the yarn. If you want to do something more exciting, you can hold the wine bottle horizontally and continuously rotate it in order to spread the fire. When the acetone will burn out, the fire will be losing the intensity. At a moment, when the fire will come to its end, you can keep the bottle in the cold water and add ice to that water.

What to do with the cut glasses?

You can light your home with these bottles or plant in them. 12 interesting DIY design ideas are given here:

1. Metal glass installation:

You may use wine bottles in order to reflect certain information in an impressive manner. For instance, you can go for a metal glass installation to give your visitors a particular message.

Metal glass

2. Wall art:

Nowadays, the trend of wall art is ruling all the hearts. You can use your die cutting tools to slice the wine bottles lower in order to utilize it for wall art. You are free to use any compositions, several colors, and forms.

Wall art

3. Centerpiece:

You can use the wine bottles to make a beautiful centerpiece. Just keep your wine bottles intact. If you want a modern look, use new wood. If you want a rustic look, you need to get salvaged wood. Here, you can plant any flower.


4. Serve seafood with wine bottles:

You would like to impress your guests with delicious seafood salads. You can serve it in the most stylish manner. If you have transparent wine bottles, cut them horizontally and let the airy transparency of the bottles do wonder for you.

Serve seafood with wine bottles

5. Candle pieces:

Is there anyone who does not love candle pieces? Cut the top of the wine bottles and give them the forms of bell-shaped votive candle pieces. The flame within the bottles will get oxygen from the new cut.

Candle pieces

6. Animal feed:

Are you an animal lover? Then take a simple wine bottle with its cap to feed the animal who comes to visit your garden. You can also add a suitable cap to the glass that can help birds to drink water. This is a good idea to draw the attention of the birds in your garden in order to make the garden attractive.

Animal feed

7. Wall lighting fixtures:

Wall lighting fixtures are great elements for decorating your homes. Just take two simple wine bottles, cut the top of the bottles and place them in an industrial design line. Now, you can use it like wall lighting fixtures.

Wall lighting fixtures

8. Industrial sculpture:

You can use keys to decorate your industrial sculpture. Take a simple wine bottle and cut the top of the bottle. Now place a number of useless keys on the body of the bottle. You can use wine bottles of various forms to make sculptures of several designs.

Industrial sculpture

9. Cameo cottage designed centerpiece:

You can decorate your wine bottles with string and sand to get cameo cottage designs. You can also add another jewel of your choice to make your centerpieces elegant.

Cameo cottage designed centerpiece

10. Self-watering planter:

Make a simple slice in your wine bottle to make it your self-watering planter. For this purpose, you need to use the transparent wine bottle that can allow you to see the roots expanding or developing. If you want to give it a cool vintage vibe, you can use chalkboard paint or chalkboard stickers.

Self-watering planter

11. Chandelier:

You can make a beautiful chandelier out of multiple abandoned wine bottles. You need to slice the bottles and set them on a bicycle rim. You can use it in your restaurant or at a decent height in your drawing or dining room.


12. Wind Chime:

We all like to decorate our home with wind chimes. You can utilize your glass bottles to make a beautiful wind chime for your home. It is the easiest way to re-use the old wine bottles. Die cutting tools are required for any type of thing you want to get.

Wind Chime

A Final Takeaway:

The beauty of a home depends on the choice of every individual. If you have stored a number of old wine bottles, then you should try these creative and interesting designs to use the wine bottles instead of throwing them outside. Don’t worry. You have no need of buying expensive elements. Only die cutting tools, and multiple colors are enough to surprise your visitors. There are a lot of ideas and find the one most suitable to your home or office.

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