Top Smart Refrigerators to Buy in India in 2018

The most important appliance in the kitchen definitely is the refrigerator. Modern refrigerators don’t just cool or protect your food from getting stale. They have become smart, and you can interact with them using the Internet via a touchscreen or a smartphone. Smart refrigerators include sensors, internal cameras, and varied user-controlled cooling options. Some smart refrigerators use RFID to scan the barcode and detect what food items are being kept inside. It allows you to keep a checklist of items inside, which can be automatically added to your shopping list once finished. Besides the smartphone, some smart refrigerators can be connected to other smart devices like your smart TV, speakers, smart microwaves, and smart dishwasher.

Features of smart refrigerators, also known as internet refrigerators differ from brand to brand and model to model. Smart refrigerators don’t come cheap, and prices of most of them are above Rs.1,00,000. Let’s check out some of the top smart refrigerators available in India in 2018:

LG GC-X247CSAV: Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator

This is one of the best smart refrigerators with 8 multi-digital sensors for those who need to keep their kitchen smart. LG claims that its Inverter Linear Compressor (ILC) reduces noise by 25% and functions within the temperature of ±0.5°C*. It also saves up to 51% energy and comes with ten years warranty. Let’s check out what’s so smart about this refrigerator:

  • Smart ThinQ allows you to control (set temperature and control Express Freeze) and diagnose your fridge by your smartphone remotely. LG puts all its smart appliances under the ThinQ sub-brand. These devices can be controlled using the LG SmartThinQ app.
  • The Door-in-Door segregates your drinks section allowing easy access and saving on energy.
  • Instaview technology allows you to view inside through a mirrored glass panel without opening the door. Just knock on the door twice. It helps keep the food fresher longer.
  • It comes with a Water and Ice Dispenser. The choice between water and ice can be made by just pressing a button on the Soft – Touch Control Pad.
  • Hygiene Fresh+ helps eliminate microbes and foul smells by using double photocatalyst and deodorise.
  • Digital sensors respond to warm food by opening doors instantly. It helps keep the interior temperature constant.

LG GR-Q31FGNGL: The premium smart refrigerator

Part of the LG Signature — a line of premium home appliances and electronics from – the GR-Q31FGNGL is one of the costliest refrigerators in the Indian market and costs at a company-listed price of Rs.6,49,900. Besides the Instaview, Door-in-Door technology and Smart ThinQ features available in GC-X247CSAV, the GR-Q31FGNGL comes with features like:

  • Auto Open-Door feature opens up the door of the refrigerator automatically when you step in front of the sensors at the bottom of the fridge that project a “Door Open” light on the floor.
  • Auto Open Drawer pulls out all the freezer drawers automatically for a comfortable reach.
  • Custom Chill Pantry allows for storage of a broader range of foods from meats to fresh produce with different temperature settings
  • Lumishelf offers LED lighting under each shelf

LG GR-D31FBGHL: The smart refrigerator with French door

People who love the French door concept in refrigerators can consider the LG GR-D31FBGHL. Available in 889 litres at a company listed price of Rs 2,48,600, this refrigerator features the Inverter Linear Compressor, which LG claims helps save up to 32% energy and makes 25% less noise than traditional compressors. Of course, its temperature can be controlled via the Smart ThinQ app. Some other features include:

  • The Door-in-Door feature allows for easy accessibility of beverages and food items by just opening the outer door. Thus, reducing up to 41% cold air loss. However, GR-D31FBGHL’s Door-in-Door does not come with Instaview technology.
  • LG’s Hygiene Fresh+ eliminates bad odour and bacteria up to 99.999%.
  • The Multi Digital Sensors monitor both external and internal temperatures for temperature consistency. They help maintain food quality for longer.

Smart refrigerators in the real sense are connected via the internet, and only LG sells smart refrigerators in India. Samsung’s smart refrigerators that come under the ‘Family Hub’ line are not yet available in India. However, Samsung and others do market some of the features of their refrigerators available in India as “smart”. If you want to consider these refrigerators as, we list a couple of them, which you can consider:

Samsung RF56K9040DP: French Door with Triple Cooling

The main features of Samsung RF56K9040DP include triple cooling, water and ice dispenser, and convertible zone. The bottom right compartment of the refrigerator can be conveniently transformed from a fridge to a freezer with the adjustment of four temperature settings. It also has a chill mode in the bottom right door that provides precise cooling in order to preserve poultry, meat and fish. Some other features of this fridge include:

  • Triple Cooling System allows independent control and optimisation of the temperature. It maximizes humidity and prevents odour being mixed in the three compartments.
  • The contoured metal body and recessed handles add a touch of art to your kitchen
  • The Smart Digital Inverter Compressor delivers efficient energy savings, making it easy to connect with home inverter during electricity failure

Fisher & Paykel RF610ADUSX4: The ActiveSmart Fridge with French Door

The range of French door Fisher & Paykel refrigerators brings theatre into the kitchen with unobstructed access to wide-open shelf spaces. Some of its features include:

  • ActiveSmart technology consists of interior temperature sensors, a microprocessor, multiple air ducts and independently controlled variable speed fans. The sensors send feedback to the microprocessor, depending on the changing patterns of use, and adjusts the fan speed accordingly to deliver a stable temperature.
  • Humidity Control System maintains the right humidity and temperature level for fruits and vegetables
  • Ergonomic designs ensure wide-open spaces and numerous shelving options.

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