How to buy French Wine from Australia when living in China

fefgrtgrtgrtgIt is commonly known that Australia offers some of the best varieties of wine in the world and for some of the most competitive prices. Because of this, many who love French wine in China seek to purchase not only Australian wine but also French wine when importing to their homes or place of business.

French wine in China is still a luxury that many like to enjoy, especially because of the prestige and tradition associated with it. It is important to be able to purchase this along with other wines in one order, rather than having to purchase several different types from several different countries.

This article will explore how to buy French Wine from Australia when living in China, as well as some quick tips on how to get a great price.

Where to buy from: Many vineyards in Australia will import from France so they have the extra variety that many Chinese connoisseurs want. To find a vineyard that will import from overseas it is important to do a little research.

Nowadays the best companies will have websites that clearly outline what they sell, prices and will even have the option to read the website in another language. Usually, a simple contact form can be filled out and then the company can supply prices, postage costs and if there is a minimum purchase needed.

According to Best in Au many companies require that at least 6 bottles are purchased in order to ship internationally. On the other hand, there may be a maximum order rule as well, with many businesses only offering the ability to purchase 11 cases per address, and it is important to establish this before ordering.

When seeking a place to purchase from in Australia, it is important to read reviews on their website to ensure that other customers have had a good experience.

Once this has been worked out the only thing left to do is to put in an order and see how the wine and service is. If a bad experience is had, then it is easy enough to simply try another company.

Shipping costs: It is vital to establish shipping costs before ordering from overseas. Many websites will display their costs the best they can but each country has their own local duty and taxes.

It is wise to figure out what extra costs may be incurred in China upon arrival, as the wine company will not cover these costs. Contacting a business to inquire about their costs is the easiest way to avoid any surprises down the track.

Many companies ship their items via the air and carefully package their shipments in polystyrene packaging in order to prevent heat damage or breakage, and most orders arrive within about 30 days of purchase. As it is possible for an order to be lost or damaged, it is a good idea to find out the company’s’ return policy before an order is placed.

In order to best reduce costs, many businesses encourage customers to purchase in bulk as the larger the order, the cheaper the postage and handling costs. This also means that fewer orders need to be placed, again saving time and money.

A great way to make friends that are also wine lovers is by starting a meet-up group or by attending a festival. There are even clubs out there that can be joined so that group purchases can be made. There is also a tax rebate of approximately 23% of the listed price that can be claimed when purchasing overseas.

Purchasing as a business: Wine consumption in China reached 4.45 billion litres in 2015. With this figure, it is not surprising that many hotels, motels, and large companies wish to order large shipments of both Australian and French wine from Australia to China in order to jump on this trend.

It is very important to do as much as research as possible in this scenario as Australia and China have different and ever-changing shipping regulations. Contacting Australian companies is a great way to find out if pallet orders can be placed, and discovering what the maximum orders can be.

Reading through the China-Australia free trade agreement is important to understanding the rules and regulations, and websites can be visited such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

In conclusion, French wine is elegant; one of the best examples is French wine from Dawine, a prestigious and traditional drink to enjoy. Chinese residents still get to enjoy this by importing cases from Australia. While the process is slightly complicated, stress can be reduced by researching where to purchase from.

Finding out approximate price straight off the bat is the perfect way to avoid any nasty surprises in the long run. Once a company with good testimonials has been found, it is important to establish shipping costs.

Joining a club or purchasing a membership is a great way to buy group orders in order to reduce the costs, and exploring any rebates that may be able to be claimed. Businesses can also enjoy overseas orders and can easily find competitive prices by contacting several companies and exploring shipping regulations.

Overall, purchasing overseas is a popular and worthwhile experience that will have Chinese wine-lovers enjoying drinks with their friends and families.

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