Rediscover Your Brand Presence with Digital Marketing


Nowadays, only ground marketing activities can never get you on the top in the market. Because in this era, the world has turned Digital and everyone is everyday millions of people are shifting towards the Virtual market. To be specific enough there are more than 3.419 billion Internet users across the Globe. That is around 54% of the total world population. So with only ground marketing activities, you will never be able to cover the Potential market at the Desired Conversion and speed. That is the biggest drawback of the Ground activities, you cannot control your advertisement or campaign in a manner that only the Prospect or Potential Customers are targeted and only they see your add or other marketing efforts. In digital marketing, with correct keyword focusing and centering your whole campaign near it, you can literally pinpoint your Potential lead and promote your Content to them. That is the Power of the Digital Marketing. So to gain an edge in the market over all the competition, you need to have best and effective Digital Presence. There are many examples of the brands who did loss and were on the verge of becoming extinct and were saved by the Virtual world.

Let’s look into few such case studies and how some brands who were a complete disaster are making a comeback or you can say rediscovering their presence in the market with Digital Strategies. This will give you a clear idea that the things that might not seem to be right or profitable on the Local or Geographical grounds, might make wonders in the Digital world.

The first brand who lost its shine and the re polished itself in the market is Motorola. Motorola was in their worst shape and was suffering from huge loses and the brand was almost about to drown and go dark. Such big brand who no one expected would face such fate was in its worst fate. Some believe they also shut down their production and about to liquidate all the assets in the market. But, then they did some retrenchments and stopped all the ground selling and shut down all the distribution in the market. There after they started again with a single model which they sold exclusively on single website across the world initially and that website was Amazon. The started a new “G” series of the phones which were only sold on pre orders and then distributed via Amazon market. Thus, they not only minimized the risk of the dead stock but, also minimized the cost by no distribution and no physical presence and maximized their profit per piece. Even the Model G4 was amongst the most sold phones across the globe. This helped Motorola gain a decent amount of hold in the market and also a fresh and positive Branding Initiative which was much more fruitful than that of Ground Marketing and sales. They still follow the same strategy for most of their models and not only that. The strategy was also applied by many others brand to form a market and many new startups used the same strategy as we know it is very difficult to establish a successful market in the Smartphone Industry.

This was an example of a Product and an already established Brand. But now, we will look at an Entertainment and Service based startup which faced a lot of rejection in the market and then finally found their salvation on the Virtual grounds. The startup I am talking about is a Web channel named TVF- an online web channel of YouTube. It is a start up from India which has high TRP rates than that of famous channels like Mtv India and many others. It contains few mind blowing series which holds more than 8 pointers in IMDB. The channel first went to some famous Television channels to get their serials published on air, which included V channel and Mtv. But, were rejected by them and then they started a web channel named TVF on Youtube and started broadcasting webisodes online. They were recently called and honored by the Youtube for having one of the most number of Viewers across the India and surprisingly they were the Only Indian Brand present there. So it is clear that nothing is impossible if you have strong determination and few tactics of how you can succeed in the digital world.

Now let us look at some of the strategies that you can follow to become Digitally Successful and gain your fair share no matter what product or service you have. These are like basic rules or path to establish a decent and recognizable Digital Brand Presence.

Unique Content:

There is no replacement for this activity, no matter how old or high reputation you have on grounds, you need to create only relevant and unique content which must be according to the need or demand of the potential customers. The content should be such where you create a need in the mind of the customers and then you present your product or service to the customer so that you can enjoy a high conversion rate.

Relative back linking:

Never rely on cheap or spam activates that you think can give you quick results. The Google has become smarter now and is smart enough to recognize a spam and in the long run you might not find yourself in the rank you were. Always rely on white hat techniques and focus on reputed and related websites to generate backlinks. This will circulate a content that is capable enough to generate leads of its own and also help you get higher weightage in Google or other search engines.

Do Paid or at least few SEO activities:

Don’t completely rely your digital campaign on the SEO or paid activities but you can’t even ignore them. Do certain activities on a regular basis and don’t stop doing them once you achieve rank you desire. Because it is said that it is tough to attain a high position but, it is tougher to maintain it.

Find your Influencer:

Always give a face to your brand and try to achieve maximum benefits from it. But make sure the influencer you find has a following that is related to your industry or product.
There are many more activities like being active on social media and feedback or web analytics but that are based on each project, so do a proper research before you form a digital strategy and enjoy the fruits of an established brand.


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