Crucial Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners Who Want to Increase Their Website Traffic

Can your small business benefit from Instagram marketing? Yes, it can say experts in the field. Small businesses can make use of this useful mobile application like Facebook and Twitter. They can upload pictures and photos when they are on the move. They can apply different filters to these images and enhance its quality and appeal. Besides photographs, videos have been introduced to Instagram, and they can be uploaded to your business profile as well. However, these videos are short and should be in the time span of 3 -15 seconds.

Reasons for small businesses to turn to Instagram

Small companies should switch to Instagram as there are over 700 million registered users today. There are millions of photographs that are uploaded daily. The Instagram account is free for small business owners to set up and they do not have any major barriers to join. Small business owners can share their content 24/7 with this simple social media platform.

Advantages of using Instagram for your small business

Instagram provides you with many benefits when you have decided to use it for your small business. It improves the brand presence and the awareness of your services and products. It sends a positive business message to the people in the community to inspire and attract their customers to engage with the company brand, product and service offered. With Instagram, you can conduct simple campaigns and give away offers, discounts, and freebies to attract more potential customers to your brand.

Instagram can help you with your small business needs

If you are a small business owner and deal with products, you will find Instagram to be the perfect platform for you. Take a look at the social media platform, and you will see that it gives customers a visual representation of your product in a unique way. The upload of pictures and videos are very simple. For instance, if you own a restaurant and wish to attract more customers to your unit, you may upload photos of the food and the dishes you serve. The filters in Instagram are powerful, and they improve the appeal of the photograph in a significant way.

It means all you need to do is take a good picture of your product and apply the appropriate filter here. You should write a proper caption on the top of the photograph so that it catches the attention of the visitors on Instagram. The caption should be simple and convey a business message that connects with the targeted audience. It will make them notice your brand and try your products. Advertising on Instagram is cost-effective, and this is why it is the first choice for many business owners!

Influencer marketing on Instagram with customer engagement

You can use Instagram to promote influencer marketing. It means you can use a model or a celebrity to promote your products. It will attract many potential customers as they are potent fans and loyal to the celebrity influencer who is promoting your goods. It helps you to increase followers for Instagram and create a unique brand presence for your product in the market. The more followers you have for your business, the better is your credibility in the market. You do not have to spend a lot of money on social media marketing on Instagram at all. Be smart and take pictures of your products. Upload them regularly with good captions. These captions should be short and efficient. They should contain powerful messages when it comes to reaching out to your targeted audience with success. You should write a good description and if possible include a call to action as well. To know more, visit

Using hashtags for your business

As a small business, you can increase the exposure of your business brand with the help of hashtags. Here, you need to add an interesting caption and upload the photograph. Here you need to use the # symbol. For instance, if you sell jeans you should use the hashtag such as #jeans, #denims, and #fashion. The tags should be relevant to each other, and they should not contain any spaces between them. With the aid of these hashtags, you can get a search option that is very powerful for the public to notice you. With the help of hashtags, you can segment your videos and photos. The content you have gets seen easily as they are accessible to the online visitors that are looking for them. It means that if you want someone who is looking for you to find you fast, it is prudent to use hashtags for the cause.

There are some very popular hashtags that you can use for your business. Take time to find them out and use the relevant ones that help your business to be found and get noticed. With hashtags, you effectively can grab the attention of the public and increase leads and revenue at the same time. In case you are not sure on hashtags, it is prudent to ask experts or do some online research so that you can get accurate information on the same. It is crucial for you to use the perfect hashtags if you want to get business success in a short span of time from Instagram.


Therefore, if you are a small business owner, keep the above points in mind when you are looking for better sales on Instagram. You can ask experts to help you in case you have confusion. There are several search engine optimization companies that have social media managers to help you with your Instagram and other social posts. However, if you wish to do the social media marketing on your own, you should ensure that you post pictures with an attractive caption on a regular basis. This helps you get noticed, and you effectively can reach out to the targeted audience with success as well. Ensure you take good pictures for your small business and always use the appropriate filters for incredible results and business success!

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