Best Digital Marketing Software in 2017

Digital marketing has evolved. From decisions to strategy to software, consumers aren’t left out. Their needs have also changed a lot. To build a successful business in this era, you need to evolve as well.

You need to build

More importantly, you need to understand that effective marketing is based on two-way communication between you and your target customer.

We’re able to able to organize our daily tasks and achieve our goals because we leverage on these digital marketing tools. Otherwise, it’d have been impossible. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not perfect, but they can serve your specific needs.

In this article, I want to show you a handful of digital marketing software that will enable you to quickly and effortlessly spread the word about your products and services, acquire more paying customers, engage with them, and finally turn them into repeat customers.

The truth is, no business today can survive without the use of quality marketing software, or automation tools. In fact,55% of B2B companies are now using marketing automation to run their business as at 2016.

Similarly, a research carried out by VB insight in 2016 shows that 80% of firms that are using marketing software have seen a huge boost in leads. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s begin with one of my favorite digital marketing software:

1. Cision


Cision (formally Vocus) combines a powerful suite of tools which integrate search marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and PR.

With the PR software, you can find a list of influencers in your industry, create awareness, share brand news via press releases, and get coverage across social media and traditional outlets.

This modern digital marketing software helps companies attract and retain more customers, by simplifying the entire funnel from the top to the bottom.

2. Ignitur


Ignitur is a simple, yet project management software specifically designed for web marketers.

It helps marketing professionals generate more revenue and significantly boost marketing accountability—by allowing team you to create new task, show you what needs improvement and how to implement it, and in turn, increase your team productivity.

Ignitur provides a snapshot of all your analytical information in one central dashboard—it integrates with Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook, Ahrefs, Moz, Page Speed, Keyword Trends, MailChimp, and more.

Take the guesswork out of marketing. Use Ignitur to gain deep insights on which tasks need to be attended to, set up and prioritize your marketing campaigns, develop and improve marketing plans, and get ready to manage periodic tasks for one or multiple team members.

With this digital marketing software, you can effortlessly launch and manage successful marketing campaigns—no matter the size or type.

3. Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is a prominent marketing and sales software for small businesses and marketers who want to stay organized, save time, and boost revenue. Professional bloggers equally use it in launching marketing campaigns and funnels via email marketing.

Of cause, you already know the benefits of email in today’s online marketing world. In fact, a recent survey from SalesCycle revealed that 74% of online shoppers who add an item to their cart would leave without purchasing the item.

This is either because they’re not yet convinced about the product, or they intend to make the purchase later on.

Sadly, they often don’t go back to complete the transaction. But with a tool like Infusionsoft, you can quickly follow them up with a kind reminder—and gradually nudge them to checkout.

When you combine Infusionsoft with web marketing tools like Ignitur, Aweber, and Google Analytics, you’ll be able to understand user behavior—and make informed decisions based on the data you’ve collected.

Infusionsoft comes with email and social media, lead generation, and marketing automation tools, to help you engage and convert leads into customers. The underlying feature is the customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, which helps users to attract leads, streamline sales, educate prospects, and close deals.



Salesfusion is a complete web-based marketing solution specifically designed for B2B marketers. This software was created in 2007 and comes with a full suite of applications including lead generation and nurturing, sales automation, customer service, and support.

Salesfusion focuses on helping companies create a huge revenue funnel for the purpose of marketing and sales, by creating fully customized digital conversations.

The software’s marketing automation module is equipped with helpful tools for budget management, media planning, lead scoring and nurturing, marketing resource management, and marketing analytics.

The good thing about this software is that majority of their product improvements are a direct result of client’s feedback. This shows that they take clients satisfaction seriously.

5. Act-On


Act-On is one of the best digital marketing software designed to automate marketing tasks—thereby, boosting efficiency. It offers a robust suite of applications for email marketing, lead management, website visitor tracking, reporting and analytics, and social media management.

But that’s not all. It also integrates with event planning and webinar. With the Act-On’s email marketing feature, you can segment your customers into a range of categories thereby enabling marketers to focus more on a particular target market within that email group.

The tool offers a unique website tracking feature, to give you a clear visibility on the types of customers who visit your website, as well as their activities and the total time spent on different content, while they are on your website.


As one who’s into digital marketing in, you need every tool that will facilitate and make your job easier this year and beyond.

Ignoring any of this digital marketing software may not have a dreadful impact on your business or brand, but it could hinder you from getting significant results from your campaigns, which will, in turn, affect your ROI.

Use these tools right now to take your digital marketing business to a greater height—yes, you might not have the required skills to use any of the software—but you can always learn if you choose to grow your digital business.

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