The Role of Online Marketing for Brand Promotion in 2017

Today, brand promotion on the internet using online marketing tools is right and even necessary for success in business. This is one of the most suitable and sought-after ways of business development. The global web provides all opportunities for building a winning reputation, raising awareness, creating information, and reminding the audience about the brand, products, and services. In this article, we will discuss the role of online marketing for brand promotion and methods of promotion on the internet in 2017.


According to Forbes, online marketing is a modern and most effective version of brand promotion in the existing world. It enables the application of the most common methods of pr0motion in the World Wide Web. These include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • All kinds of advertising technologies
  • SMM and viral marketing
  • Acquisition of traffic
  • Mailings

Let’s briefly highlight the advantages of brand promotion on the Internet compared to traditional offline marketing channels.

  • The Widest audience and the possibility of targeting
  • High-speed dissemination of information
  • Opportunity to carry out branding, watch and manage the processes of promotion
  • Direct interaction with the target audience, the opportunity of obtaining feedback
  • Low cost, free methods of brand promotion


Bill Gates said: “if the company is not on the Internet, it is not in business.”

Brand promotion on the Internet provides an opportunity to show the user the advantages of the company through websites. Also, the company’s website can open more opportunities for the consumer, which is also often important. The site can offer the consumer with information about the products of the company, which he could not get from advertising, and it will take him a few minutes!

Let’s dwell on the main methods of online marketing for brand promotion in more detail:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a popular method both for the growth in company’s online representation and for its recognition among potential customers. SEO is an effective and affordable opportunity for any business, including small business, to take care of both the tactical results of work – current profits and sales, and strategic perspectives.

“The more texts, the more authoritative it is in the eyes of search engines, and has a better chance of being ranked higher than others as a result of search engines.” – Selin, MS Khanina

2. Contextual advertising

If the recognition and reputation of a successful brand need to be ensured promptly, an ideal method is contextual advertising. It does not need a monthly check of TIC and PR, as in the case of SEO, the impact of this method will only be as long as you advertise your resource in the issuance of search engines. Its main goal is to increase sales and increasing recognition where increasing the brand’s credibility is a secondary task.

“The World Wide Web forever changed the world of business. These changes have seriously frightened many reputable companies. And not for nothing! Can the Network, this “great equalizer”, kill the business we are used to?”– Michael Stelzner

3. Display advertising

This is another interesting tool for online advertising. Media advertising is constantly improving; its types and formats are updated. Currently, interactive banners are very popular, which successfully attract attention, are remembered by the audience. And this is a good help for Internet branding.


4. Marketing in social networks

Today, brand promotion on the internet without social media is impossible to imagine. People spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they willingly subscribe to communities of interesting brands, goods, and services, interact with public representatives, follow the news of companies and markets. Therefore, you should use SMM-tools for branding purposes. And this is relevant for the promotion of a well-known brand, and a new brand.

5. PR-articles

Another method of brand promotion through online marketing is writing of pr-articles and their placement on authoritative sites. With their help, you can unobtrusively find your audience, create the necessary understanding of the company, products or services, increase recognition and improve reputation.

6. Reputation Management on the Internet

According to the team at Leading Link Directory, in order for the brand to be successful, it must have a good reputation on the internet. It is necessary to track the emergence of information about the company and its products, cut the negative, accumulate and output positive news on the search results. For these purposes, companies use blogs as a tool for online marketing for brand promotion. Where people comment positive or negative reviews of the company or services.

“If you systematize everything you need to do in Internet marketing, then we will have only five steps to go through: correctly set goals, convince visitors to fulfill these goals, attract people to the site, think about how they will be held, and set up System of analytics.” – Brian Eisenberg

7. Consider these example of Marlboro, How branding affects us?

The psychology of man is designed in such a way that he at the subconscious level seeks to belong to or simply to be associated with some class of people. It can be secured and successful, not dependent on anything, fashion, sports, and others. This is the basis of this principle.

As an example, consider the brand “Marlboro”. Visual symbols and the main elements of this trademark reproduce a single image of an independent man. And the person, who smokes the cigarette “Marlboro”, subconsciously associates himself with him, feeling his success, masculinity, and independence.

8. Core of online marketing

Elements like Banner, running lines, animated cartoon characters, videos, internet resources, where you can get all the necessary information, presented in an interactive mode – attracts the attention of the internet user. And all this is provided by internet advertising or online marketing.

“Headings with the word “free” beat all records of opening.” – Dmitry Kot


9. Investment SEO (ISEO)

Investment SEO, as a marketing tool for brand promotion, is an absolutely new way of promotion via the internet. The basis of this method is the attraction of the resource base operating in tandem with various SEO tools. A competently built strategy will help not only accelerate the commercial growth of the brand but also make sure its further development.

Investment SEO is a chain of various activities for increasing the visibility of a new trademark.

The promotion strategy is developed for a certain time. At the same time, specific goals and aims are set. But the market situation is quite volatile, so the process needs constant monitoring. It is carried out by constantly analyzing the current market situation, as well as other marketing research.

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