Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Unique

rewgewgEvery couple wants their big day to be very special and memorable. The only problem is that without unique wedding ideas, your celebration of love may turn into a predictable event. Let’s face it, invitations, decorations, and other wedding essentials quite often look the same, even those that claim to be exclusive. Thereby, if you really want your wedding day to be awesome, you need to put a bit more effort in its preparation. Some nifty and unexpected details have never been superfluous. Take advantage of the following unique ideas for weddings we have gathered for you!

1. Dress change

Want to surprise your guests and bring a twist to your wedding photos? Consider changing up your look from ceremony to reception. Thus, you can wear a gorgeous tea length wedding dress for the ceremony and then change into a dance-friendly sparkly dress that is too short for the official part.

2. Photo booth

A little bit of magic and a whole new level of fun – it’s all about a photo booth, so why not include it in your list of unique wedding ideas? With a photo booth at a wedding party, you are guaranteed to have many memorable photos to share and enjoy for years to come.

3. Creative aisle

Have you already thought about unique wedding decoration ideas for your aisle? Flowers are indeed a romantic option. However, you can make it more creative by using full flower heads instead of classic petals. Moreover, don’t stop on a single flower type. Mix several of them with different shades to bring more color and light to your wedding.


4. Confetti explosion

What about unique wedding reception ideas? If you want the first wedding dance to be a special memory not only for you but for your guests too, consider a confetti explosion or even a balloon drop set up above the dance floor. A wow moment is guaranteed!

5. Cotton candy

In addition to a delicious wedding cake, most likely you want to have some other desserts, like macaroons and doughnuts. However, if you are looking for unique ideas for weddings, pay your attention to a cotton candy machine.

6. Stylish wedding menus

The way you present your wedding menu is no less important than any other detail of your special day. Thus, if you want to create visual interest and get your guests excited, forget about boring menu cards. Instead, opt for some unique wedding reception ideas, like elegant menus displayed in footed photo frames or screen-printed menu napkins.

7. Dance lessons

To find a perfect song for your first wedding dance is just part of the job. What about the dance itself? If you are new to this, think about dance lessons beforehand. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to have a formal first dance. Whether it comes to a high-energy swing or an Argentine tango, you can do it the way you like, even with a line of backup dancers behind you.


8. Wedding transportation

A limousine is not your only option for a memorable escape. A sports car, a horse-drawn carriage, a vintage vehicle, a hot air balloon, and even a helicopter are undoubtedly unique wedding ideas for a wow-worthy exit or entrance.

9. More flowers

Using fresh flowers in creative ways is another great idea for a unique wedding. After all, beautiful flowers are a no-fail way to personalize your wedding. Thus, in addition to a traditional bouquet, you can also add them to lanterns, fans, table centerpieces, glasses, and even a cake.

10. Pre-ceremony beverages

Pre-ceremony beverages are indeed a good idea, especially if you are getting married outdoors in July. As a rule, guests are not expecting any cocktails as they arrive for the ceremony, so you can surprise them by offering light beverages served in beautiful glasses.


11. Wedding hashtag

To create a custom wedding hashtag is one of the unique ideas for weddings these days. Since we live in the digital age, why not let your friends and family upload their happy pics to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for the rest of the party to enjoy?

12. Child care

Think about your youngest guests by providing them with special space to play. If you have such an opportunity, pick a room for them next to the reception location and hire a babysitter so that you, your guests, and the children could all enjoy the event.

13. Caricature

Funny caricature drawings are also among unique wedding reception ideas you should think about. Quick sketch humorous caricatures of your guests will not only keep them entertained but also provide them with an unusual keepsake from your wedding day.


14. Creative lighting

When it comes to unique wedding decoration ideas, it is impossible not to mention some fun ways to light up your big day. These may include candles floating in water, indoor or outdoor canopy of lights, a custom monogram light on the center of the dance floor, etc.

15. Unexpected music

Last but not least in our collection of unique wedding ideas is unexpected music. Thus, you can surprise your guests with the perfect jazz music, invite a flamenco guitarist, or even have a wedding with a rock concert theme.

Whatever unique wedding ideas you choose, add a touch of you to the affair. After all, it is your special day, and you are free to organize it the way you want!

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