Tips on Renting Conference Centers

Conference centers are large areas where a group of people can get together to have meetings, reunions, and other gatherings. These areas are located in event centers, or in hotels, or resort spas.

If you are uncertain about renting conference centers the following advice from the staff of Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa located between Albany and New York City might help you to understand more.

Location is the Vital Key

Conference centers are offered in the majority of cities. You may find that larger cities have several locations within them that offer these gathering spots. So the first thing that will be on your list when you are considering renting conference rooms is the location of the room.

You want to rent an area that will be equally convenient to all of the people who will be attending the planned gathering. You will more than likely not be able to keep the distance precise for each participant, but you can usually keep one person from having to travel hundreds of miles while another person only has to drive across town.

If you want the people coming to your gathering to be excited about the upcoming event, then choose a conference room location that is located close to fun things to do. For instance, the Honor’s Haven conference rooms are located directly between the cities of Albany and New York. Anyone attending a meeting in this venue will be able to enjoy all of the attractions those two cities have to offer.


You want to rent a room that is large enough for all of the people you have invited, but not one that is too large. The room should comfortably accommodate all of the guests, so they do not feel crowded, but it should not be too large, or it will feel like a cavern to them. Know in advance the number of expected people so you can search for conference rooms that will accommodate that number.

Layouts of the Room

You want everyone that comes to your gathering to be able to see each other, and feel connected to one another. You do not want the room set up like a theater. It is much better if you have seating and tables arranged so that the people are divided into small groups, but can still see the rest of the room.

Ask if the room you are renting has moveable tables and chairs or if it is designed in a permanent layout. Ask if the establishment will provide people to help you arrange the conference room or if you will be responsible for that.

Make sure that people can quickly leave the room. When people get up to go to the restroom or to take a break you want them to be able to leave without disrupting the other people in the room.

Booking the Room

You need to book conference rooms a few weeks in advance. This allows you to notify everyone of the location of the gathering, and it enables the staff of the establishment to prepare for the event. You will need to make a deposit on the room when you rent it so the establishment will hold the space open for you.

Buffets and Snacks

Some conference centers will offer to provide a hot buffet for an additional charge, and in some centers, you will need to hire an outside caterer if you plan on serving food during your gathering.

Remember that when people are seated in a room if they become hungry, they become distracted and no longer pay attention to what the speakers are saying. Serving snacks, or a buffet, after a few hours, will help you to keep your participants focused on what your speakers are trying to say.


Depending on the type of event you are hosting you might want a bar established in the conference centers. If you are hosting a company party, a wedding reception, or even a class reunion, you might want to offer the guests an opportunity to have a few drinks at the bar.

If you do want drinks to be available, you will ask the manager of the event center if they offer those amenities, or if you have to provide them separately. Before you decide to serve beverages that contain alcohol, make certain the event center allows them to be served.

Call and Confirm

About one week before your event call the conference centers manager and confirm your engagement. At this time, you can clarify things like food, room layouts, and drinks.

You will want to send someone to the establishment a day or two before the event so they can coordinate all of the room’s layout, and set up all of the decorations, display boards, projectors, and other items you might need during the event.

Consider the Guests Comfort

If your guests have to travel more than fifty miles to get to the conference centers location, then you should consider renting a room in an establishment that offers sleeping quarters to their guest. You will want your guests to be able to relax after the event and to be able to leave for home feeling rested.

If you are hosting a reception or party that will include beverages with alcohol, or will last until late in the night, then having a room in an establishment with overnight accommodations is three times as important. You want everyone to arrive back home safely, so make sure they have the opportunity to sleep and rest before they have to leave.

Long Term Events

Many companies host conferences that last from three to five days. If you are planning an event like this, then make sure the participants are going to have ways to relax at the establishment after the meeting.

Choose conference rooms in locations that have swimming pools, spas, private dining, and overnight accommodations. It is also best if you choose an event center that is located in an area that is relaxing and filled with beautiful scenery.

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