Reasons to Give Xbox Gift Cards This Christmas 2020

Getting gifts for people can be difficult, especially during the teen-adulthood years. This is mainly because a lot of the time, adults themselves have no clue what they want. Sometimes, most of the things they do want, they already have or can get those things themselves. Gifting for children is not so tricky as, most of the time, they know what they want.

There may be a solution to this problem, however, and this is where gift cards come in. There are gamers everywhere – probably at least one in each household, whether they are PC gamers or console gamers. And there is one thing any gamer will never have enough of, and that is video games. With Christmas around the corner and the inconsistent rules of lockdown to deal with, gift card codes can be the easiest and best way to do presents this year for gamers. So, here we have five reasons why Xbox gift cards are perfect presents this year.

Perfect for a Socially Distanced Christmas

This year has been crazy for the world with lockdown restrictions, shielding, social distancing, and not being able to see our loved ones. The one day each year that means more to family is probably Christmas time. With the possibility of lockdown over Christmas this year, this could mean we may not be able to see family or close friends, let alone enjoy the exchange of gifts. This is where we can turn to virtual gifts, as most gifts now can be purchased online and many sites accept voucher codes. Gift cards are not new in terms of gift giving, but it provides the person receiving it a choice of when they want to redeem if it doesn’t have an expiration date. Additionally, they can choose exactly what they’d like to buy with it. All you would have to do is send them a code to redeem once purchased.

Various Purchasing Options for the Recipient

You can find an Xbox Gift card via, and they come in many values from £10 to £50 in multiples of fives. You can redeem the gift cards either through the Xbox console or the Microsoft Xbox website/Console Companion. With these redeemable gift cards, you can purchase video games, in-game purchases with microtransactions, and game DLCs. With the ever-growing ecosystem of the Microsoft Xbox, you can also purchase or rent films, TV box series, and even order hardware on the Xbox store dashboard to be delivered.

The ability to play online and start parties with friends on the Xbox requires players to purchase Xbox Live. This typically allows players to play online games and use apps such as YouTube and access other streaming services. Basically, without Xbox Live, there isn’t much you can actually do on the Xbox. Xbox Live can be activated on the console itself by either using an Xbox Live Gift code or setting up a subscription to take a direct debit from your bank account.

The Release of Xbox Series X

The next generation of gaming has finally just launched as the Xbox Series X was released on 10th of November 2020. Originally named Project Scarlett, the development of this console was first announced back in early 2019. This new generation of console comes with much better graphics and an overhaul of the Xbox dashboard, making it easier to browse products and software. As launch titles for the Xbox Series X are few and far between at the moment, players can save gift card codes for when they do see a new game they would prefer. And with the Xbox Series X set to be a popular gift this Christmas, you can bet that a voucher will be appreciated.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and Xbox Series S

The Xbox One S all-digital edition was released back in May 2019 and this unique console is the same model as the Xbox One S. However, the notable difference is that there is no disc drive for physical games. All the games are purchased and played digitally on this console, as gaming shifts from the old way of purchasing physical game discs or cartridges. Consoles are now moving towards more digital download capabilities. This not only allows game publishers to cut the cost of creating physical game discs, but is also better for the environment. This has been inspired by PC gaming, as this platform moved on from physical game discs years ago.

The next generation of gaming will see an Xbox Series X and an Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series S will be comparable to the standard Xbox Series X; however, it’s going to be less powerful in terms of graphics and does not come with an optical disc drive – again driving the all-digital idea forward. The Series S and Xbox One S come as the more budget-friendly options, since they are the less powerful options compared to their X counterparts.

More Gift Card Benefits

Giving gift cards is usually a more discreet way of giving gifts, since many people don’t like to talk about cash and value when giving gifts. It’s an easy and fun way to do Secret Santa for work or a group of friends, especially when you don’t know what to get for someone. It gives them the freedom to do some guilt-free spending on themselves on what they want when they want. Gift cards are also a great gift to include in Christmas raffles or as a prize for competitions you run on behalf of an organization or business. Some businesses also use gift cards as an incentive for their employees to reach their bonuses and work extra hard as the holidays approach, or simply to say thank you for a year of hard work.

As gift cards give the recipient a limit on how much they can spend, they also give people the ability to save the value to put towards something they want in the future and spend less of their own money on the product. With the vast range of things that you can spend Xbox Gift cards on, there really are no disadvantages to giving this as a gift to anybody who has an Xbox console.

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