TOP 10 Ways to Propose to Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is rightfully the most romantic day of the year. It is a chance to celebrate love, confess your feelings to the person you care about the most, or simply spend time with your spouse or partner in a romantic entourage. But there is more to February 14th than that. While it commemorates St. Valentine, who secretly united Christian lovers in marriage despite the prohibition of the Roman emperor, it is also a day to celebrate marriage.


You would be surprised to know how many people actually propose on Valentine’s day. And for a reason: a recent survey discovered that 23% of women consider it the best day to receive a proposal from their partner. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the most charming and unexpected ways to propose to your loved one on a Valentine’s Day.

The Most Original and Romantic Proposal Ideas

  • Copy a movie scene

Your partner probably has a favorite movie, whose scene she would be more than delighted to see recreated for her special proposal. Some of the movies are directly related to Valentine’s Day, like Valentine’s Day or Sleepless in Seattle. These are guaranteed to win your future fiancée’s heart, so take her to that Empire State Building at night with a teddy bear in your hands. If she is not a particular fan of romantic movies, a scene from any movie she loved would do. If she is a fan of horror, you could arrange for a proposal in a ghost house, with people around in costumes of her favorite monsters or zombies.

  • Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt can send her on a wonderful adventure in search of the ultimate treasure – your engagement ring. The treasure hunt may be composed of objects and symbols directly related to the Valentine’s Day – a trace of rose petals or heart candy leading to secret doors and boxes. It could also be a treasure hunt that sends her to all your common places – the place you met and the place you first went on a date. In the end of the treasure hunt, she will find the wedding ring and you proposing to her.

  • Propose while traveling

Travelling on Valentine’s Day is romantic in itself – even more so if you decide to propose during your trip. Here are a few ideas if you are on a beach holiday:

  • offer her to build a sandcastle together, and place the ring on top of your sculpture while she is looking away;
  • take part in a sand drawing competition and write your proposal on the sand in front of everyone;
  • order your proposal to be written in the sky with smoke or on a long poster which is flown by a place.

The same ideas could go for a skiing holiday: write your proposal in huge letters under a cable car and let her read it while you’re going to the top.

  • Minimalism is key

Some of us don’t like loud actions and prefer modest pastime and small gifts that we really cherish. If you and your girlfriend or boyfriend are this type, of people, go for a small significant detail that will help you propose while you are alone together. Carve space for a ring inside her favorite book and give it for her to read. Slip the ring onto her finger while she is sleeping and surprise her with a romantic breakfast in bed. Buy her the kitten she has wanted for so long and attach the ring to its collar. Put the ring into your Valentine’s Day card. You can always make it small, but significant.

  • Get a scrapbook or an album

Your proposal will be a lasting memory if you make it on paper. A scrapbook can tell the story of your love: how you met, how you fell in love, how you moved in together or how you read starspins review, with a series of stickers and drawings. It would be a personalized thing to give your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, and you could propose to her at the end of the book.

  • Create a movie

Technology comes in handy nowadays in virtually any situation. Creating a movie is a good way to propose if you are not a stand-on-your-knee type of guy. Gather a slideshow of your common pictures, a few good wishes from her friends and family, and film yourself in a variety of your favourite places, possibly places you’ve been to together: travel destinations, your favourite café in town, the place where you two met. Finish the video with the main words you want to say.

  • Flash-mob proposal

Many people opt for loud public proposals: organize a flash-mob with people dancing, singing love songs on a Valentine’s Day or drawing a collective 200-meter heart. You may ask your fiancée to participate in the flash-mob or simply come out to watch it. A flash-mob will add pomp to your proposal and make it more memorable to your girlfriend.


  • Make it public

Propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend in a restaurant or in the open-air cinema, where everyone gathers on Valentine’s Day. Your proposal is also public if you make it on a balloon, on a plane or at a private party at your friend’s place. If you have prepared a video proposal, those are all perfect places to demonstrate your masterpiece, too.

  • Use food

Hiding your ring in food is a classic option, and a perfect one for a restaurant visit on Valentine’s Day. It would be better if you went for strawberries, cake or a glass of champagne rather than a soup or a stew, for obvious reasons.

  • Simply ask your partner

If your girlfriend or boyfriend loves you, they will accept your proposal in any case. So, if you feel like simply getting down on your knee and asking them – do it. Chances are, they will be the happiest person you’ve ever seen.

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