5 Tips for Creating Unique Travel Experiences in India

indiaThe sole purpose of traveling is to have some unique travel experiences and create memories for a lifetime. If you are planning the same, then it is necessary for you to know that memories are never created by sticking to a rule book. You have to go out of the way to experience something unusual, which can be remembered throughout your life. But the question arises, what should be done to make your India travel even more special? No worries! We bring to you some ideas you can add to your bucket list before you pack your bags and set off for a holiday tour.

1. Let a Local Be your Guide

Instead of hiring a professional guide from a tours and travel company, who will guide you as per the training given to him, hire a local to guide you. He will help you explore a new place in every best possible way. You may get to visit some places which are not covered by the professional guides and only a local can give you an in-depth knowledge about a place. It is an easy alternative, worth giving a try, to add new dimensions to your holiday travel.

2. Get Involved In Various Cultural Activities

Spend some time in attending the performances based on the culture of the place. You will get to know more about the traditions and the way of living of the people of a particular place. You always find the other culture quite fascinating and always wish to know more and more. So, there couldn’t be any better option. Witness the charm of the native dances, music, and an entirely new lifestyle, instead of depending on your guides and pieces of writing, to share authentic information with you.

3. Make New Friends over Dinner

Whenever you dine in a restaurant, strike a conversation with a local. Ask them to join you. This is a wonderful way to connect with the local people. The biggest advantage of this is that they come up with useful recommendations about what you should definitely try eating in their city. At the end of the conversation, you are saturated with loads of information about where in the city will you get delicious food to devour upon and some popular places to try. This way you make new friends and get to know the place better. Most of the locals are happy to help the tourists and are always gentle and cordial. Any conversation with them proves to be highly informative.

4. Don’t Keep Staying In Hotels as the Only Option

If you are not very particular about staying in a high class, luxurious hotel, then you may ditch the idea of it. The better alternative to this can be rented apartments. You can do a bit of research work about the rooms or apartments available on rent in the city you plan to visit. Staying with the locals give you a better feel about the way of living of the people. It improves your interaction with them. Also, you always have someone to guide you correctly about the place you are unfamiliar with. Such endeavors often lead to lifelong friendships with the people you choose to stay with.

5. Plan to Work

If you are planning a low budget tour or you want to try something really new and different, then this is the option for you. At some places, you can get a room or an apartment to stay, in exchange of some work you do for the owners. It may be helping them in the household chores, in the farm, in the business or anything. This turns out to be a great experience as it is something unusual, which you will rarely get to do in your day-to-day life. It is certainly worth giving a try.

You can try all of these on your India Tours and you may try anything of the sort to make the most of your holidays. These are very simple ways to connect to new people and build a strong relationship with them. It proves to be of great use to have someone familiar in a new place whenever you plan your next visit.

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