How unleashing the power of advanced TV can benefit your business

All marketers should turn their attention to advanced TV. Television is constantly evolving and changing to meet the demands and interests of both consumers and advertisers. In particular, advanced TV can have a wealth of benefits for your business and should therefore be part of your marketing plan.

With a myriad of options when it comes to advertising on TV, there is plenty of opportunity for brands to reach wider audiences. In this guide, we’ll explain how advanced TV has the power to transform your business.

What is advanced TV?

The term advanced TV is an umbrella term that is used to refer to the various TV streaming options that are available for consumers nowadays. This encompasses connected TV, addressable TV, video-on-demand and OTT (over-the-top) television. Advanced TV has revolutionised the way we consume content and also the way advertisers advertise through television.

Better targeting with advanced TV

One of the biggest benefits of advanced TV is that it offers targeting capabilities so that you can target customers and reach your target audience. While advanced TV can widen your audience reach, it can also strengthen your reach so that you reach a more targeted audience that is tailored to your target profile.

You can reach and connect with customers who are the most likely to be interested in the products and services you offer by using audience-based data targeting. This involves using customer data to reach audiences that best match your target profile.

Reach more people with advanced TV

Everyone is using advanced TV and there are stats to back this up. As of 2021, over 17 million people use advanced TV, and there is undoubtedly an even larger amount of people using advanced television today.

Advertising with advanced TV will ensure a broader audience reach since more and more people are ditching cable and jumping to advanced means of television. Most people around the world use streaming and other advanced TV formats nowadays, therefore you’ll have the power to reach wider audiences when choosing to advertise with advanced TV.

Receive a fantastic ROI with advanced TV

Your return on investment (ROI) is a ratio between net income and investment. If effectively executed, your TV advertisement can maximise the use of your marketing budget by increasing your ROI for a tiny fraction of the cost. You could also employ a pay-per-view system across a specific channel like an AVOD streaming service.

Data match customer capabilities

Most broadcasters and platforms offer marketers an option to mix and match their own consumer data sets with the first-party data of the broadcasters and platforms. This makes it possible for marketers to target extremely precise audiences that are capable of achieving very tactical marketing goals.

Advanced TV advertising has flexible costs

Depending on your reach, advanced TV ads can have flexible pricing. Even if your cost per lead is somewhat expensive, incorporating advanced TV into your marketing strategy will lower allowing you to generate more leads.

Target consumers via platforms

In traditional TV advertising, you could have targeted audiences by determining which TV channel they are likely to watch. With advanced TV, you can target consumers based on the platforms they use or are subscribed to.

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