The Unexpected Beauty of Pressed Flowers

rf24Jack and Jill got married like a year ago. It’s Valentine and Jill expects a gift from Jack. He shows up with a gift and there seems to be something rectangular behind the wrapper. Jill can’t wait to find out what it is. “Happy Valentines, Jill!” Jack says with a grin as he proudly hands her the gift. She open’s it without a clue what to expect because she can’t determine what item resembles the size of the gift. “Perhaps a box of chocolate?” she thought. No sooner had she torn the wrapper than she realized it was a fancy wooden frame, with glass at the center to reveal its contents – the bouquet she threw at the single ladies at her wedding. Jack had somehow acquired it and had it preserved for this special occasion. Now every time she looks at it, she will know just how much he values her and their relationship. What a beautiful surprise!

That was just an example of the unexpected beauty of pressed flowers. There is so much for you to appreciate when it comes to pressed flowers. They can literally transform your life to make it more colorful and beautiful. Let’s explore how this is possible and why this may be a worthy investment of your time and money.

Are Pressed Flowers Some Species of Flowers?

No! Pressed flowers are essentially your favorite flowers with the moisture in them removed using various pressing methods. This process actually maintains their colors and shape; therefore, they’ll for a considerable amount of time, look as if they’re still dipped in water. Their life will be significantly extended. If you are married, like Jack and Jill, they’ll probably last as long as your marriage; if you are happy and take good care of each other, then the pressed flowers will last your entire lifetime and even surpass it. However, if you don’t take good care of each other, then it is likely you won’t take good care of the pressed flowers and they’ll only last a few years or even less – depending on how careless you are. By the way, if you have been wondering how long pressed flowers last, or that question pops up in your head afterward, you already have the answer.

You can press any kind of flower you wish, and the better the condition of the flower, the better the results. There are a number of methods for pressing flowers; some are considerably expensive and will demand more in terms of resources and financing, while others are simple enough to be done in the comfort of your home. A good guide to help you with the home-based process can be found at Roses Only. Once pressed, much care will be necessary to prolong the life of the pressed flowers. Most of them get damaged quicker when exposed to moisture, dust, and the sun. As such, you will want to take caution and keep your preserved flowers from these agents. The most expensive procedures for pressing flowers ultimately keep the final products in an air-tight container, like the gift Jack got for Jill. Such pressed flowers will last a lifetime, as long as care is observed. I must also mention that they are quite demanding, financially.

Why Would I Be Interested in Pressed Flowers?

An example was already given at the genesis of the article. Anyway, let’s look at some more amazing things that pressed flowers offer.


1. A Phone Case

This is one of the most beautiful things you can do with pressed flowers. Of course, this is not a thing for everyone, but if you can appreciate flowers, the thought of having a phone casing with real flowers as part of its decoration is just mind-blowing. This is an option to explore and also a wonderful gift to share with a loved one who appreciates flowers.

2. How About Light Shades

You can create custom-made shades with the pressed flowers as part of the decoration. Other people may overlook them assuming they are printed on them, but I bet they’ll be amazed to discover that they are actually real flowers preserved through pressing. You can extend this idea to luminaria; for parties, and even special effects during alternative special occasions, they look Great!

3. Preserve Time

If we could stop time, I’m sure if it was just a lever that enabled it, it could be broken by now, and if it was a particular product that made it possible, it could either be out of stock, or it could be the most expensive item in the universe. Nonetheless, pressing flowers enables us to, in a way, stop time. For instance, Jack, above, was able to capture a moment in time and freeze it inside the frame he gave Jill. I know even your smartphone can do it, but what’s special about that? There’s a time and a place for everything, and pressed flowers enable you to preserve those special occasions that involve flowers.


4. An Intoxicating Hobby

If you choose the path of pressing flowers at home, you’ll find it really relaxing and ambient. I must mention though that it demands patience and discipline, but the results are to-die-for. Don’t be surprised when you forget about all your troubles, and even some of your important duties when you are engaged in the activity. That’s how interesting it can get.

5. The Ultimate Gift – Creativity

There are so many wonderful things you can do with pressed flowers. Indeed, your mind is your only limit. An amazing thing that people have already explored with them is – you’ll never guess this – tattoos. Yes, a way has been invented of attaching the pressed flowers into the skin to create beautiful 3D like flower tattoos. Other things are flower sculptures, stained glass sun catchers, coasters, tea trays, jewelry boxes, jewelry, candles, whatever. You think of anything you’d like to add your pressed flowers as part of its decoration, and chances are that you probably can. Limits only exist in your mind.

To Wrap Things Up

Pressing flowers may be an antique technique used by biologists, Darwinians, and florists; be that as it may, with creativity and a little determination, it can be used to spice things up in romantic relationships, liven things in special occasions, decorate stuff, and above all capture and preserve a moment in time to be appreciated decades later. For those who appreciate flowers, there is no limit to can be done with pressed flowers.

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