How to Compress MP4 Video Format with UniConverter

“I have been working in a database management company, where I store a large amount of data daily. Now, with each passing day, I am short of space due to my media files. I am frantically looking for ways to compress MP4 video format so that I will have enough space on my system.”

The query above raised by a user needs some serious attention.

Well, it is a bitter fact that most of the users are facing nowadays. Long videos occupy considerable space on phone or computer devices, eventually restricting the addition of more files to your system due to the space constraint. So, when you need to transfer data from one system to the other, you would have to compress that video for a smooth transfer, compressing MP4 videos.

We have explained two processes in the article below, where you can compress MP4 videos without losing the quality of the content.

So, scroll down the article to know more about them in detail.

Online UniConverter to Compress MP4 Video format

The first method on our list covers how to use Online UniConverter to compress MP4 video format. To add more value to the software, it provides access at free of cost. Thus, if you do not intend to go with some heavy software downloading process, then accessing this online platform offers an excellent alternative to you. Online UniConverter provides a unique platform that besides doing any conversion, assist you in compressing the file too if the data is broad or occupying more space.

Let’s move forward to understand the steps to compress MP4 file format:

Step 1: Open the online compressor browser

Visit the Online UniConverter’s compression link through

Step 2: Upload MP4 file

Now you can upload your MP4 file by clicking plus sign visible on the screen.

Step 3: Define the size and compress it

Once the file gets loaded, you need to define its size details to shorten it to small size, then press the Compress button.

Thus, by following the above simple steps, you can easily compress MP4 video file without compromising the quality of the media content.

UniConverter (Desktop) to compress MP4 Video format

The Wondershare online UniConverter gives you ample opportunities to perform MP4 video compression. It is an exceptional online platform for all your conversion needs.

However, when you need to compress some extensive data, you need some professional assistance. At that time, the one toolkit that will assist you entirely is the UniConverter (Desktop). With its advanced mechanism, one can easily compress MP4 as well as other formats too, without any quality loss with quite a fast manner. Under the compression window, you can adjust the resolution settings and additional information also.

So, here are the required steps that will assist you in compressing MP4 videos effectively using UniConverter (Desktop).

Step 1: Launch UniConverter (Desktop) and upload video/videos

You can easily download and install the UniConverter (Desktop) application and then launch it. After that, visit the ToolBox section and click on Video Compression option.

Then, click on the + sign to load the video.

Step 2: Customize the settings

Under the Compression window, setting customization options are given. From there make the necessary changes in file size, resolution, bit rate, or others.

Hereunder, you can be given the Preview option and defining the output location of the files on your system.

Step 3: Compress it

Now you need to press the compress button in the customization window. After the compression, the file/files will get saved to the chosen location.

This Wondershare wonder is quite a fantastic tool for compression of MP4 videos quickly and with precision. To add to your surprise, UniConverter (desktop) deals with the compression process of videos, audios, and image files as well. You can compress your large files to fit as per the requirement of your system storage or if you need to share data with your friends and colleagues.

The difference between Online and Desktop

Both online and desktop video compressors are suitable for you, depending on what you need.

In this section, we shall talk about their specific differences as per their platform criteria and different means. To comprise them, we have mentioned particular points to explain how the online platform is different from that of the desktop version.

So, let’s move on to know them:

1: An online compressor provides free access with no quality loss video compression while a desktop compressor’s free version comes with limited facilities. To access its pro version, one needs to go through the subscription process.

2: In an online platform, only prime format compression is allowed. However, if you have a desktop compressor, then, you are free to choose various formats for videos/audio/image compression.

3: An online platform has an in-built compression facility, audio/video conversion, and editing options

On the other hand, a desktop version has all the above features and additionally has different facilities. For example, audio/video/image compression, screen recording, CD/DVD burner, GIF making, adding meta-data information, and a lot more than expected.

So, I hope now with the above list of differences, you have a clearer idea about the advantages and drawbacks of both these MP4 video compression software. Thus, it will now be easier for you to pick one for yourself as per your MP4 video compression need or conversion tasks.

Detail about Wondershare Technology

Both the version of UniConverter got introduced by Wondershare Technologies, a public listed company and also a member of NPSE (National Planning Software Enterprises). Due to its continuous efforts in the field of audio and video compression as well as conversion technology, it brings out so many useful tools and software, Filmora to name a few. Besides, it has a large user base in around 150 nations and millions of admired users. Its continuous innovative efforts provide rapid growth and live support to all.

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