Why Filmora Video Editor is Recommended for the YouTube Beginners?

Some YouTube beginners may not know this, but the quality of the videos you upload on YouTube says something about you. If you upload things that look like they were a done by a 5-year-old playing with a camera or a video editing software, that’s how the world will look at you. I doubt you will be taken seriously if that is the case. However, if the videos you upload on YouTube look professionally done, then people are likely to take you more seriously just because your videos are well done. However, as a YouTube Beginner, where can you easily find an affordable software that will enable you to edit your videos quickly and professionally? Filmora Video Editor is the answer for you. Let’s look at why.

It’s Easy for Video Editing Beginners

The Filmora Video Editor was designed particularly for video editing beginners. It is the perfect place to start video editing. It has a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. It comes with two modes, Easy Mode, and Full Feature Mode. The Easy Mode (5) is where you’ll want to start as a beginner. It is very straightforward and enables you to edit and customize your videos quickly. As a person who intends to upload videos regularly on your YouTube channel, you need a software that will make it possible for you to do things fast and on the fly. The Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is perfect for you in this regard.

Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the software just because it is very easy for video editing beginners to use. The Full Feature Mode (2) of the application is meant for advanced users. It comes with various other features that will make your videos even more interesting. The fact that you are a YouTube beginner doesn’t necessarily mean that you are new to video editing. If you already have some background knowledge about video editing, then you will appreciate this mode of the software.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to have a video editing background to use the Full Feature Mode of the software. As a beginner in video editing, once you get used to using the Easy Mode of the application, you are free to experiment with the Full Feature Mode to advance your skills and give your videos a more professional and advanced touch.

Effects! Effects! Effects!

On YouTube, you’ll find videos that are just incredible. I mean, guys are uploading videos that show paranormal activities, aliens, Area 51, UFOs, extinct creatures, and weird things caught on cameras. You do realize that most of these videos are fakes. If such things had actually happened, they would have trended on Social Media, CNN, CBS, Fox, and other major news channels. My point here is that these videos are fake and were actually created using video editing software.

The right tool in the hands of the right person can yield incredible results. The Filmora Video Editor is the right tool and I believe you are the right person. With this amazing and simple tool, you can add amazing special effects to your videos and start a YouTube channel depicting incredible things happening. You’ll have people wondering whether they are real or it’s just another video editing. Whether it’s real or not is not important. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you did a very good job that it caught people’s attention. As long as you got them to watch and question what they are seeing, you did your part. Get them coming back for more by familiarizing yourself with the effects available in this amazing application. It comes with more than 100 special effects that you can add to your videos. Moreover, every month, for those who have bought the full license of the software, new effects will be added for free. Just imagine the number of special effects you’ll have available for your projects even after three months.

Support For YouTube Video Formats

The Filmora Video Editor supports most of YouTube video file formats. Whether its MP4, MKV, 4k, WEBM or others, you will find they will work just fine in this application. After you are done editing your projects, you can export them in any desired YouTube compatible video file format. All your video editing needs as far as YouTube is concerned are packed in this single Application. Did I mention that it is very easy to use?

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