PDF WIZ – The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Convert and Edit PDFs

If you work in a professional or academic environment where you deal with various documents, the chances are that a good portion of them is in PDF format. In such instances, PDFs become very important, and it is normal to find yourself needing to manipulate them for editing, compatibility with other file types, or size management.

PDF WIZ is a free desktop application for Windows/ PC users for converting and editing PDF files. A few PDF conversion and editing software are available, but most of them are premium software, or if free, they are limited in what they can do. If you often work with PDFs, here are the reasons PDF WIZ will make your life more comfortable.

For A Free Software, PDF WIZ Comes With Powerful Features

PDF WIZ has a neat, visceral, and user-friendly interface.

It has a tiny installer (about 40MB), and it doesn’t take a computer geek to install it.

Convert PDF to Various Files

The most common PDF file conversion needs in professional environments are the conversion from PDF to Word and Images to PDF. You can do these conversions with this software effortlessly.

With PDF WIZ, you can convert PDFs to

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Text
  • HTML, or
  • Images

And as you would expect from a converter, it is just as easy to do vice versa; for instance, convert Word documents to PDF.

Merge PDFs

PDF WIZ enables you to merge different PDF files into one file. Most people don’t consider this possibility because PDF files seem static, but with this software, you’ll be surprised by the things you can do.

Split PDFs

If you have a PDF file that you would like to split into different sections, you can achieve your desire with PDF WIZ.

Extract Pages

Moreover, if you want a particular page or specific pages from a PDF file, this software gives you that option.

Compress PDFs

For those who work with PDFs often, it is common to share them with colleagues or clients via email, WhatsApp, or upload them to the cloud for collaboration or just storage. It helps when your files are a manageable size to save time, bandwidth, and money. PDF WIZ can compress large sized PDFs to smaller sizes to make work easier for you.


PDF WIZ is a desktop application, which means once you download it, you can always use it at the privacy of your computer without an internet connection or the need to be online. If you are working in a sensitive professional environment where you wouldn’t like to expose certain information to the internet or hackers, such an application is a valuable investment.

Convert Files in Three Simple Steps

Following is a simple demonstration of converting a Word document to PDF with PDF WIZ.

Step One – Install and Launch the Software

It’s free and straightforward to install, so download PDF WIZ, install it, and launch the software.

On your screen will be a simple interface displaying all the possible things you can do with the application. Select the first option – Convert PDF to Word | Excel | PowerPoint | TXT | HTML.

Step Two – Select the File That Needs Conversion

On the interface that shows up next, either ‘drag and drop’ the Word document you want to convert or ‘Click to Add file’ (1).

One the lower section of the interface, make sure “Convert to: Word” (2) is selected.

Under “Saved as: “(3), you can choose “.doc” if you want compatibility with earlier versions of Word, or “.docx” for the latest version of Word.

Under “Convert Mode: “(3), you can select “Format first” if you prioritize the format of the converted file, or “Editability first” if you prioritize the capacity to edit the document.

Under “Saved In:”( 4), you can choose to either save the converted file in the “Original Directory” (the current location of the Word file) or a “Customized Directory” (choose where you prefer to save the converted file).

After you are contented with your choices, click the “CONVERT NOW” (5) button to begin the conversion process.

Step Three – View Your Converted File

The size of the file will determine how long the conversion will take. Nonetheless, considering the small size of most PDFs, the process should take a few seconds.

Once the conversion is done, you can either open the converted file directly with PDF WIZ (1) or open the directory it was saved in (2).

And you are done!

If PDFs are common in your environment, PDF WIZ will make it easy and fun to manipulate them.

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