Benefits of Instagram for Web Design Business – Some Essentials to Know to Succeed!

The millennial generation is all tech-savvy and always active on social media. While Facebook is the leader, other social networking sites are also following. One such site with exploding popularity is Instagram. Instagram at its core, is mainly a social media platform where you can share your different photos and videos using various filters and editing options depending on your mood and the occasion.

So with such a social media site which is pro millennial but filled with millions of dallying account users, you have to find the small ray of positivity all by yourself. With many smart business ideas, capital and resources, all you need is an excellent advertising platform for your business publicity. Moreover, Instagram is undoubtedly capable of providing you with the desired popularity among potential customers. However, you need the essential followers for Instagram popularity. You can achieve it with the help of a wide range of exciting features available on Instagram such as Uploading Your Business Story, Posting your new product pictures, Creating your business ads, and Using popular Hashtags.

Web Designing Business and Instagram

In a Layman’s language, web designing means the art of structuring the design of a website. There are several subparts to web designing like pictures and graphics designing, website layout, fonts, and colors which make this job extremely demanding. In 2017, there were about 57.7% Small and Medium Enterprises having an online business, which required an update on their website design. It indicates the level of demand. So how can Instagram help you with Web Designing Business?

The answer is pretty simple and obvious. Instagram provides your business with an extreme level of exposure which is more important than anything else. This exposure is achievable with the help of a few features and third-party tools such as Like4Like, Adding your business website to your profile, posting creative content.

Posting Creative Content with Popular Hashtags in Caption

If you want to start your business from scratch without any outside help at all, you can use the third party application “Websta,” which helps you know the most popular hashtags that are trending on Instagram. Now once you know these hashtags, you have to select the ones which are relevant to your post and put it in your caption or description. It will automatically make your post accessible to all those users who will search for that hashtag, thus increasing your exposure tremendously. As a result, if you post your sample web designs crafted with much creativity, you will inevitably raise a considerable number of followers.

Using the Ad Feature on Instagram

Instagram offers you a brilliant feature for advertisement of your business. Once you set up your business page, you can immediately start creating different innovative ads for promoting your Web designing business. You can insert your creative web design content in your ads which will attract potential customers. If you have a generous budget, you can also make your ad appear up for a long time. Thus, the ad feature will certainly help you increase your reach immensely also providing you an opportunity to convert potential customers into actual ones. To know more, visit

Using Compatible Applications and services

There are many applications and websites which you can use to elevate the chances of success for your web designing business online, such as Websta, Boomerang, Hyperlapse, Have2Have.It, Hootsuite Enhance, and Hootsuite Campaigns App.

As stated above, Websta provides you with exclusive Instagram information like popular hashtags. However, it also allows you to access your Instagram account on your computer. So this makes it possible for your web designing business to exist on Instagram at all because you cannot do any web designing without your pc.

The Have2Have.It website is a bonus for your e-commerce. It directly helps you to link with interested customers to update their website design.

Boomerang helps you to upload up to 10 pictures simultaneously like a Gif to give it a pleasant look. You can thus upload any 10 of your creative web designs create an appealing Gif out of them to attract several customers. Hootsuite Enhance improves your business’ visibility and engagement on Instagram.

Conducting Contests on Instagram for popularity

Supporting Applications like Hootsuite Campaigns App, helps you to carry out different exciting contests related to web designs on Instagram for your followers with giveaway prizes. It helps you to create a buzz among the target audience and converts them into your followers. As a result, your number of followers increases and so does your business exposure.

Buying an already established account for instant business popularity

You can also resort to purchasing an account of users who raise followers with an intention to sell their accounts. It will provide you with a ready-made potential customer base. Now all you have to do is keep giving interesting posts and offers to increase your customer base. Thus you can achieve instant popularity for your web designing business.


Although Web designing and Instagram have almost nothing in common, you can do wonders with your web designing business on Instagram. The reason behind this is the guaranteed massive amount of exposure you get on Instagram. For this exposure, all you have to do is maximize your creativity in your web design posts and also use your smartness in using applications like Websta or Boomerang. If you want instant publicity, you can always buy an existing account with a huge number of followers.

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