Virtual Phone Numbers: How Having One Benefits Your Business?

Running a startup or multi-level company requires a medium wherein you can promote your product or service with prospective clients and/or get in touch with existing and loyal customers. You can set up a webpage, create an email address, and use social media platforms to do that. You also need a phone number or you can use a virtual phone number. The evolution of technology provided businesses tools like no other for its growth and ultimate success. In fact, more businesses are adopting advanced marketing strategies and tools to keep up with a very competitive market like having virtual phone numbers.


Virtual phone system providers offer businesses options that complement every business’ need of virtual phone numbers. There’s vanity numbers, toll-free, (DID) local phone number, and UIFN (Universal International Freephone Numbers). Don’t be overwhelmed, though, with these existing options, all you need is understand what they provide.

But since there are a number of types to choose from, how do you know which one is the right choice for you? According, here are the main options:

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or commonly known as a local phone number is best for you if you want to build an appearance of having local office branches across the country and employing locals. What’s the catch? You can do all that without spending too much because there’s no need to hire new people or open an office in another locality. All you need is a local phone number that is city or region-specific where customers can reach you. Furthermore, despite the fact that calling a local number is not free, customers will not incur extra cost for a local call. In countries where toll-free numbers are not available, this type of phone number is right for you.
  • UIFN-Universal International Freephone Number is not country-specific allowing callers from multiple countries to dial one (1) phone number any time of the day similar to ordinary toll-free numbers. If your business caters to customers from different countries, this is the ideal option for you. Remember though that the cost for this type is not the same when using international toll-free numbers or local numbers. More restrictions also come along with it. Aside from registration fee and requirement of registering the number to at least 2 countries, setting up this type of phone number takes some time that is close to 6 months.
  • International Toll-Free Number for your business is the best choice if you want a country-specific number where customers can reach you without them paying an extra cost. All you need to do is pay a nominal fee per month. Once a customer uses the number, you will be charged with reasonable per-minute rate for the entire duration of the call. These numbers are easily available globally enabling customers to dial the phone without fear or apprehensions of incurring international call charges. Your business is virtually reaching customers notwithstanding their countries of origin across the world for free!

What is the difference between a local and an international toll-free phone number?

People often get confused between these two making it a little difficult to decide what kind of phone number to use for their business. Let’s get more detailed on the differences and benefits to help you decide.

Local Toll-Free Number

Local Toll-Free, although works like an international toll-free, is more advantageous when it comes to cost. It doesn’t cost much to set up and has a lower rate per month.

How does it work?

This is also location-specific like the international toll-free number. You get the presence you’re aiming for just the same but you need to get different phone numbers for different target locations.

It comes with fewer restrictions to set up compared to its international counterpart. You can reach a wider customer base, location wise, because they can use almost all kinds of phones to reach these numbers.

Is there a downfall in using this type of phone number? There is no absolute disadvantage to using local phone numbers except they might be mistaken for another toll-free number.

International Toll-Free Number

The international toll-free number provides customers an international avenue where they have a toll-free call no matter they are located while making the call.

These numbers are easily recognizable though formatted in a different way. Instantly, a caller can identify whether or not the call is free of any charge. This will most likely get a positive response and good turn around for any transaction.

This is a great tool for communications and marketing for your business.

A modest fee is charged to your account while giving an easy way to contact you or your company.

How does this work?

From your base location, you can get calls both from your local customers as well as potential customers located in different countries by getting international toll free number from that specific country. Any calls made from outside the country will be rerouted to you without extra cost. It’s like these calls are made locally but technically made internationally.

Compared to local numbers, restrictions can be a big issue for some. For example, the function of each number differs. There is a chance these numbers may not function well (or not at all) with a certain type of phones or mobile unit. It’s best to know and understand certain limitations before actually getting an international number

Both local, as well as international toll-free numbers, is beneficial to any business depending on the necessity required. Think about how your customer would feel knowing they can contact you 24/7 at no extra cost. Weigh the options and think about how each can maximize your business’ potential in reaching out to your customers no matter where they are in the world. Remember, your goal is to reach potential clients, satisfy existing and new clients, and ultimately client retention.

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