What is Happening to Web Design?

There is a debate going on regarding the relevance of web design in the current times as well as its future. The thing that brings about this debate is the fact that various tools facilitate web design today. There are many frameworks that people can use to create beautiful, functional, and responsive websites. There are those who think that these tools in a way are taking over the work of web designers. Do you agree? Furthermore, there is also a debate that challenges web design over User Experience. Let’s evaluate the path web design is on, and see where web designers are likely to end up in the years to come.


Frameworks are just website templates that enable website designers to design websites fast. Instead of developing a site from scratch, frameworks give web designers a head start. They already provide the design, so there is little to no designing involved. In a way, they eliminate the design aspect of creating websites. As templates, all web designers have to do is substitute parts of the template with their own designs. You can think of it as customizing.

The problem with frameworks and templates is that they take away creativity from those who rely on them. Sure, they enable you to make quick money and to work fast to some degree. However, how are you ever going to come up with something original when you are relying on someone else’s designs? Frameworks are not for everyone, and they do have their place. Even the best of web designers and web developers have used and do use frameworks from time to time. Nevertheless, relying on them is the problem.

As a web designer, one should realize that other web developers and web designers created these frameworks. In a way, you are supporting their work, enabling their growth as exceptional designers while simultaneously deteriorating your growth and development as a web designer or developer.

If you don’t intend to grow as a web design company, individual web dsigner or developer, feel free to rely on frameworks and the like. However, if you want to improve as a web designer or developer, learn the place of frameworks, and actually, take your time to create your own beautiful designs that others can also stagnate on.

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), and Web Design

The trend is on User Experience. Everyone is talking about UX this and UX that. If you think about it, there is no much difference between UI, UX and Web Design. Regardless of which sector one emphasizes, all these disciplines target the same thing; giving the user an easy time while on a website. UI and UX are all part of Web Design. A site that is both beautiful and functional is one that incorporates all these aspects of design.

Web design is not going anywhere, at least not for the real web designers. Even if there will come a time when designing websites will be a matter of dragging and dropping and publishing sites, web designers will always have their place because even such platforms and their respective templates will need people to create the designs that users will be customizing for their projects. Of course, I am well aware that we already have such software and website builders. Nevertheless, if you have ever used them, you must have realized their limitations. Without a working background knowledge of web design, there isn’t much you can do with them. Their limitations become your limitations. With the absence of the fundamentals and core of web design, you are limited to the design of a website framework or template.

So where is Web Design Going?

We are living in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), and websites are one of the major platforms that facilitate how things are done on this universal network. Hence, web design is going nowhere. Anyone who says otherwise should carefully evaluate his or her perception. Websites will always be needed, even in the future. The technology may advance and change, but the concept will stay the same. That means web designers are here to stay because even when the technology transforms, designers will still be required to design beautiful and functional interfaces that thrive on the new technology that will have surfaced. I hope you can see that the place for web designers is secure. The only challenge I notice is in designing beautiful and functional websites. The field of web design is flooded with so many designers. In such a field, only the best thrive. If you are a web designer or aspiring to become one, your only challenge is securing a place at the top. Web Design is going nowhere, not as long as the internet is still alive.

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