5 Reasons Why in 2022 You Need a Canadian Proxy

Traveling across the world is still complicated than in pre-COVID times, but it doesn’t mean you should keep from any business with Canada. Yes, a large part of everything has gone online now, but sometimes you still need a local disguise. Under a Canada proxy site, browsing may become more relevant for some situations. In addition, it lets you see the situation as if you were in Canada. Let’s see these cases in detail.

Browsing Anonymously in Your Country

There are often situations when your country’s authorities block a certain site or a group of sites. They can be banned as propaganda, fraud or owned by a person or a company that’s under sanctions in your country – whatever. It may happen to social media, payment systems, games, news sites – whatever.

Well, they may indeed be fraudulent or full of fake news, but what if you still want to go there, for your own reasons? Here are some examples:

  • you’re a journalist and you explore the way propaganda or fraud works;
  • you’re a police officer investigating a case;
  • you’re just curious what they say across the border.

These investigations often require disguise. A proxy is a necessary element of disguise when online. A Canadian one can be used in many countries to enter banned sites. It’s way easier than traveling abroad in person just to enter some URLs.

Entering Canada-Exclusive Sites

Let’s take, for example, a popular store Home Depot. You cannot enter its Canadian site from abroad. But what if you want to compare prices or to place an order there to be delivered somewhere in Canada to your friends or relatives? You’d rather use a Canada proxy than shop in the American Home Depot and deliver from there. And Home Depot isn’t the only one: many sites that operate in Canada just don’t allow visitors from abroad. Visiting them becomes possible with a proxy.

Checking Your Projects Through the Eyes of a Canadian

Sometimes when you run an online business that covers a Canadian audience, you need to see it through the eye of Canadian visitors with their computers or phones. There are many situations where it’s necessary:

  • You manage a website and want to check whether it opens with the right settings in Canada;
  • you run an ad campaign and want to check whether your ads are relevant for Canadian users;
  • you check your targeting with various mockup users.

You need to take into consideration that Canada has two official languages: English and French, both widely spoken. So, you may want to tune the language settings of your site finer. For example, for a user in Toronto, it will load English interface by default, while for Montreal dwellers French will be more relevant. This approach, though, may require not just a Canadian proxy but one diversified by regions.

Load Canadian Sites Faster

It doesn’t apply to all the sites in the world, but those from the region of your proxy will load faster for technical reasons. Then, as the data is channeled to you by the proxy, it goes without limitations (though it depends on your plan). So if you often have to visit Canadian sites, a proxy will accelerate the process. In addition, many proxies cache the content, which makes load times even shorter.

Check Websites Availability (Not Only Canadian)

If the site you need to visit does not open or does not let you download certain content, you may want to check whether it functions for visitors from another country. If you have to substitute your IP address with that from another country, why not Canada? Then check whether everything works right.

Going Overseas at Home

It’s not exactly the reason why you need a proxy, but that describes the situation. Have you ever had other reasons to use a proxy, of Canada or any other country or region? Do you have any use case to add? If so, welcome to the comments section!

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