How to Brainstorm Great Content for Your Marketing Plan


Building a great content for your marketing plan is crucial to the success of your business, especially for startups that need social media exposures to be able to be recognized. For brands that are already out there, a marketing plan filled with consistently great content is necessary to sustain your business.

Why do you need to brainstorm content ideas?

Brainstorming with a group of people helps you come up with new ideas for a great content fast and more efficiently. The goal is to collect as many ideas as you can to be sorted out later. Choosing the right people to brainstorm with is of paramount importance in getting the best ideas for creative content and to develop them going forward.

However, you should not limit creativity to within just your team. Include other people who you think have the knowledge about the subject matter or those who are updated and well-informed about the latest trend. More importantly, your team should be a group of people that cares about your success and your business.

Brainstorming Tips

  1. Set meeting at the time when people are usually more energized.

If you are the head of your marketing team or the brainstorming team, you must know the time when your creative is at their best. You also must emit the positive energy to motivate them and bring out their creative juices.

  1. Choose the proper place to conduct the brainstorming.

You can choose a quiet and comfortable place where you can’t be disturbed or maybe take your team out and brainstorm in a restaurant or coffee shop.

  1. Invite other people to join.

This works especially better when your team is composed of older people and the subject is about pop culture or millennial issues. The best way to collect ideas is to involve young people to get their input regarding the subject matter. Doing so will result in a very productive meeting that gets your team fresh and relevant ideas for great content targeted to the right audience.

  1. Don’t forget your tools.

Bring all the necessary tools and equipment when brainstorming. You would want to maximize the meeting by recording all the date collected and not miss one great idea. Everyone should have at least a pen and paper to be able to jot down their ideas.

  1. Set rules at the beginning of the meeting.

Brainstorming requires the full attention of the team. All types of distractions must be avoided. Turn all your mobile phones off and bathroom trips must be done before the meeting. Other rules include avoiding negative characteristics to appear during the meeting such as any signs of disrespect, turning down ideas, yelling, scowling or belittling other people’s ideas.

There should be no turning down of ideas at this point because each one can be explored to form a great content. Judging whether an idea is a good one or not can be done after hearing each one’s point of view and opinions before crossing it out on the list.

  1. Encourage everyone to participate

If you are the team leader, it is your duty to encourage everyone to participate and come up with an idea. Do not let anyone monopolize the meeting and make sure to hear each one’s thoughts no matter what. Both millennial and gen-X have something to add to the table.

Tip: The internet is a gold mine of ideas. You can get inspiration for a great content by browsing through social media to get the pulse of whatever is the latest trend and what people cares about. They provide professional writing services to help you with contents to fill your websites or blogs.

Brainstorming with your creative team is a great way to get ideas for a great content. However, it is also possible to brainstorm by yourself. Following the same tips as mentioned above with being alone as the only difference.

Choose the best time to brainstorm when you are most creative. Some find it the morning after their fill of good coffee. Some highly creative people do not need a particular time to brainstorm. All they need is a handy pen and paper to bring with them so they are ready every time a great idea comes up. Pick a quiet place and have all your tools ready.

How will you know if your collected ideas can be made into great content?

It is too early to know if your ideas are good when you’re still brainstorming. Sifting through the good ones can be done in the next step of content creation, which is the development stage. It is important to explore the possibilities of each idea and develop them into a great content that fits your marketing plan.

Make it a habit of brainstorming with your group or with just yourself to be able to stay relevant and up-to-date with all the latest trends to grow and sustain your business.

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