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Content MarketingThere has been a lot that has been said concerning content marketing. It is not exactly the easiest of tasks, but then it is one of the most beneficial search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that are being used today. The thing about content marketing is that there is no perfect way of doing it. This is because the content is as diverse as there are billions of people on this planet. There are no two articles or blog posts that will be exactly alike unless it is a case of copy and paste. Developing content for SEO purposes can be a little bit intimidating especially if you are a beginner.

Are you just starting out in blogging or you have just created your website, and you want to get people to visit your site in droves? Well, you can achieve this, but you will have to understand the dynamics of content development and SEO. The basics of SEO will not be of so much help considering how competitive the worldwide web is. There are millions if not billions of websites that sell or have content relating to the material that you are sharing. Therefore, you will need to have an edge over your competition. The best way to do this is to contract the services of experts in content marketing and SEO.

First things first

Before talking about content development and its benefits in SEO, it is worth mentioning a few things. Firstly, content creation is an unending process. You should not think that just because you have achieved your target, then you stop creating the content. The visitors to your blog will stop coming if there is nothing fresh for them to view. It is just like television networks; they have to bring in new TV series and programs otherwise, they will die out. Who wants to watch a TV station that has the same old material it had two years ago?

It is also noteworthy that while content marketing is a very effective way of advertising your brand it can be more effective if it is coupled with some other SEO strategy. Social media marketing is the most popular accomplice in this activity. When you create content, you share it through social media and let everyone know that you have created the content. Actually, this is what is known as content marketing. Most people will create the content and let it rest on their websites expecting people will come to see it. The more the content is shared, the more visibility it is going to get from the search engines.

Finally, you must have premium quality and diverse content. You can get away with using just one type of content, but you should not expect to get great returns from having boring content. Typos and plagiarized content will not be so interesting. The content must be informative and engaging. If you create content that is stuffed with keywords and uses a whole lot of jargon, you can be sure that no one is going to read.

Hubspot’s content marketing strategy

Hubspot is renowned as the created of the marketing software platform by the same name. The company had developed fantastic content which they have used for inbound marketing. The first thing that company did was to learn from its customers. Hubspot discovered from its customers that the customers who blog frequently develop an average of six times more leads (inbound leads) than those who did not.

It made a lot of sense to create even more content for the company. The company was growing quite well considering the fact that they deal with marketing software. This is probably the most marketing product in the world today. However, in order to bring in more customers, Hubspot took to their blog. They have one of the most popular blogs on the worldwide web. A unique thing about the content developed by Hubspot is the fact that it is very educational. The company seeks to educate its customers and what better way to do that than through their website?

In the process of educating its customers, they can bring in more customers with each piece of content that they add to their blogosphere. The company has more than four thousand customers, but this customer base continues to grow even more.

Hubspot’s content

There are so many things that are unique about the content developed by Hubspot aside from the fact that it is greatly educational. To start with the company dedicated its existence to the publication of a variety of content types. They developed all sorts of content from the finest of articles and blog posts to podcasts and videos. They even conducted webinars. People are able to congregate online and learn from a keynote speaker or another one.

You can forget everything else about this article but take this home with your self-promotional content is not the key. It is good to create content that will promote your brand. Do video ads for your products and post on YouTube, share on Facebook and other sites. However, create videos that will also do more of inspiration and educate other people without really promoting your products in the video. You will be surprised that this material can be of immense help to your brand than even the self-promotional content. People will want to know who is creating the videos.

Finally, in content marketing, you should always seek to establish yourself as a ‘thought leader.’ Everyone who views your content should be able to see you as a reliable source of information regarding the topic that you are sharing. It is one thing to have a whole lot of content on your site and another totally different thing to have premium quality content that establishes you as an authority in the field. Seek out the help of the best SEO experts and content, developers as it will be of great help to your brand. With high quality and engaging content you will not have any trouble taking your business to the next level.

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