Facebook Marketing Tip: Increasing the Edge Rank of Your Posts

edge rankIf you understand Facebook Marketing at all, you know that Facebook uses an Algorithm called Edge Rank, when it comes to showing your posts to people. So if you’ve got 2000 friends and you make a post, a picture post, and they put it on the newsfeed of let’s say 8-10% of your friends, that’s 200 people. Based on the amount of that group of people, the likes, the comments, and the shares that you get will then determine whether or not Facebook shows this to more people. Or just leaves it as is.

So if you have got a post that you’re looking to get more engagement on, more eyeballs, maybe you’re marketing something, maybe you’re trying to get more people to a webinar, maybe you’re selling a product, or maybe you’ve got a video you want more eyeballs on.

What you want to do is this tiny little secret that I’ve been using that works really well. So knowing Facebook’s algorithm and knowing that for every comment you get, for every share that you get, and for every like that you get, this is kinda like a point system. The more points you have, the more people will see your posts. You can simply go on any post.

Let’s have a personal example: I have a post I published 7 hours ago, talking about a free webinar on how to rank web pages. And I want more people to see this post. So I have 20 people that have actually liked it, one person shared it, and I only have three comments. So what I like to do is to figure out who are the people who have liked it and haven’t commented yet.

Alright. Here is how:

1. I check the whole group of 2o people who liked my post. So, I went ahead, and I typed all their names out. What I do is to bring up a note, and I simply type all their names out. And then I think of something to say to them.

2. Then I think of something to say to them. First, I’m going to thank them. I also say I really appreciate it, and I’m excited to share some really cool strategies. So what I do is that I simply grab all their names, I copy them. And I’m going to comment. This, by the way, is actually going to increase my edge rank because even though it’s a comment from me, it’s still a comment. It still points in the edge rank factor of how many people see your posts. So I’m going first to thank them for the like, then I’m going to type in all their names.

  • You click on each person’s name and it will actually pop up their name. So it’s easier to do if you actually go to the bottom of the post to the very end of it.
  • I click on that person’s name. So I want each person actually to see this, put a comma and select them all.
  • I finished tagging the first group of 9 people, and sent the messageThanks for the likes, I really appreciate it and I’m excited to share some really cool strategies with you on the webinar. Have an awesome rest of your day. And I simply click on enter.
  • Then I do that one more time for the remaining 11 people who liked my post.

I’ve yet to see at least one person not engage with that simple little comment. One of these people that I just tagged is going to comment something, I can just smell it, I can sense it.

And it’s going to increase the edge rank of this post. I have already got three likes on that. One two three likes. So that’s more points for Facebook to show this to more people and more people are going to take a look at this post and are going to want to sign up for my webinar.

So this your Facebook Tip of 2016. Hope you enjoyed it.

This video will provide you a more in-depth idea of edge rank.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S8ACdM1h2I]

If you got any value from this, please feel free to share it with anyone you think would get value as well. I would love to hear any positive feedback that you got from this, whatsoever.

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