13 CRO Tools to Make Your Online Marketing Successful

Conversion refers to a visit to your website and subsequent actions that lead you to say that there have been some success in your online marketing strategy. Optimization of conversion rates is informed by insights and is a great way of improving your business’s performance. Digital marketers therefore put a lot of emphasis on the conversion rate optimization after determination and installation of SEO systems.


CRO is an important part of digital marketing and according a study by Trust Radius, http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/social-media-seo/, only 18% consider the CROs part of their DNA and 72% have some of the CRO processes implemented. This isn’t where it should be and if you are among these people, having one blog in a month, then you are not doing it right. You need to have tools that will help optimize your website and increase your returns in the process.

The main CRO tools include:

Analytical tools

  1. Google Analytics

This is an important tool for tracking your website’s behavior and giving quantitative feedback on its interactions. You will also learn what could be going wrong in your marketing process by going through the bounce rates, exit rates, or last minute abandonment of shopping carts by shoppers.

Google analytics is one of the most popular analytical tools tracking website behavior, customer engagement, sources of inbound traffic, marketing content and the sales from e-commerce. This is a great way of determining your returns on investments and subsequently the profitability margins of your business.

  1. Mixpanel

This is an advanced platform for analysis of web and mobile content and marketing performance. The actions of visitors to your page are analyzed and funnels evaluated. For instance, when a visitor watches a video, shares a blog post, or uploads a picture, this tool will keep you in the loop. The visitors’ interaction with your page helps you understand what can be done to improve your business’s performance as well as how to attract more visitors. You may upload more videos with your business content or set up competitions where visitors upload pictures for the chance of winning a prize.

  1. CrazyEgg

It will offer you a wide range of tools to optimize your web pages. The best tool from CrazyEgg is the heat map showing the place that was clicked on by the visitors. With a clear picture of where many visits are located as well where there are no visits, you will be in a better place to decide on the right way to go with your marketing implementation. The best revisions can be done to your business plan with visible progress reports.

  1. Formisimo

This is another CRO tool that helps in gathering information about a page and your progress in online marketing. It records the checkout fields and shows how users interact with the web forms. A clear report on engagement with forms and incomplete fields will help in decision making. Unproductive or destructive fields can be eliminated after the analysis of the reports.

  1. Clicktale

It hides user privacy but will give you information about the visitors to your website. This is a tool that shows how the visitors behave on your website and how they take action, if they do. It is very efficient because you can also see what challenges they face when navigating your website.

Research Tools

To know why visitors buy or do not buy a product or a service, the following tools are important:

  1. i-Perceptions

This has been endorsed by Google Analytics Evangelist as a great research tool in conversion rate optimization. By asking questions like; ‘How would you rate your site experience?’ or ‘Were you able to complete your visit today?’, you will learn about your website’s functionality, its efficiency, speed and the reason why people visited your website. Knowing their dissatisfaction also helps in making amendments and giving the best to your visitors. Subsequently, you will have a high conversion rate.

  1. Survey Monkey

This is a great tool for giving customer feedback. The information obtained from the questions asked give insight into the customer’s perception of your brand and products. Questions about reasons for buying a particular product, best part about the service or product and whether or not they would recommend your products/ services to their friends help in marketing and running the business efficiently.

  1. Peek

This is a toll launched by UserTesting.com. Reviews on your website can be done by participants. All you have to do is enter your business website URL. Usability issues can be unlocked to improve future user experiences of customers. This in turn boosts conversion rates.

  1. Cross Browser Testing

This gives you insights into the website’s performance in real time. There is a wide range of browsers and operational systems and will help you know why other browsers convert better than others. For example, the latest version of Chrome converts better than IE9. Such information will guide you to look at how IE9 is being displayed to your visitors. What is displayed is seen and you can fix what you feel is out of place.

Testing Tools

  1. VWO

The visual Website Optimizer is paid for and helps in editing, modifications and removal of unwanted elements on your page. The images and designs can be tested and edited. This also includes the general web design and the web forms. Implementation of changes is therefore simplified.

  1. Unbounce

This is a landing page platform that helps in building great landing pages from scratch using many of the available landing pages templated. Creation of landing pages for aid searches is done using Unbounce.

Website Tools

  1. Screen Popper

Conversion of many users is done using a popup that appears at the top of the webpage. It grabs customers’ attention thus promoting call to action campaigns. This is great for newsletter signing up and is therefore a great way of getting visitors’ email addresses.

  1. Hello Bar

It normally sits at the top of the webpage grabbing a visitor’s attention. It is a primary call to action tool and can be included in more than one web page. It is also a good form of an ad.

In conclusion, you can increase your conversion rates by having a big number of tools to help in analysis. Also ensure that both the social media and the whole website are well optimized. SEO tools for the website and the social platforms should be used.

Author Bio

Avery Simmons is a renowned online marketer, a web developer and an app developer. Her skills are much sought and she is considered one of the best SEO experts having worked with Google and other search engines. Check out her LinkedIn profile to gain insights into SEO and CRO systems.


  1. All very good tools but some can get quite costly on a monthly basis. The key, in the beginning, is to pick your most necessary tool in the paid category and try to find some free alternatives until the money comes in!

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