Top 5 Online Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

fregtgrtgrtMarketing is not always a priority for small businesses, particularly when budgets are tight and other expenses have to be paid in order to keep the business generating a source of income. In an emergency, companies like can help you to make your next payment but it is better to know how to manage your finances. Try these affordable marketing solutions to help grow your business without too much extra expense. These strategies can not only allow you to promote your business, they can help you to grow too.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools. The main benefit is that most sites are completely free to set up a profile on. The reason social media is so effective is because it can reach a wide audience very quickly. All you have to do is create high-quality content which will be relatable for your audience. Use appropriate hashtags on your content to ensure that it is also seen by people who don’t follow your business but share the same interests. Using these simple methods means you should gradually see an increase in your following over time. Social media is an excellent way of creating loyal customers and showing off your high standards of customer service. You can deploy your social media strategies in house too, meaning employees that you already have may be able to effectively carry out this strategy for you. Social media can not only provide you with marketing opportunities, it can also help to ensure that you are connecting with your audience on a much more personal level. You can receive direct feedback from your customers, and this will ultimately allow you to adapt your business practices for the better.


Infographics are a really great marketing tool. They provide a lot of information in an attractive and manageable way, which can be shared widely online. Sharing generates a lot of traffic towards your website, which means more potential customers seeing your products or services. All you need to create a good infographic is the time to research some statistics and an understanding of a graphic editing program like Adobe Illustration. The only downside is that larger businesses usually have a dedicated design team, so in a small business with a limited team, it may take someone who is not creative longer to learn.

Apply For Business Awards

There are hundreds of business awards aimed at small businesses. All you have to do is find an award which is appropriate for your business and complete the application process. Most applications are done online, which makes it a quick and efficient way to get your business recognised. Even if you don’t win, placing as a runner up or ‘top ten’ is still worth mentioning on your website and online profiles. Awards help to create a credible and high-quality image for your business, which can create interest from other businesses in the industry and potential customers.

While some business awards can be quite costly, there are a number of other awards that can provide you with free entry, or a discounted cost if you’re entering a number of categories within that award. If you are shortlisted, you can benefit from promotion on the awards’ social media platforms, magazines, and sites, while also having some excellent networking opportunities while you’re at the award ceremony. Even if you don’t happen to win the award, you can still benefit from entering business awards.


Create Amazing Content

Having a website that is full of informative and accessible content is the best way to engage your audience. Video content is particularly popular online at the moment and it is quick, easy and inexpensive to make. You could film your staff leading a relevant tutorial or you could create a fun video which explains the services you provide. The content you publish on your website, whether it is on your main site or on an attached blog, should all be high quality. This is to ensure that you are giving your potential customers an enjoyable experience on the website as well as creating a good impression.

Creating amazing content is also exceptionally important for any SEO efforts that you are looking to implement. If you can do this in house, and understand the principles of SEO marketing, then the likelihood is that you are going to be able to boost your business’ visibility on search engines. If you’re on page 1 of Google for the keywords that you want your audience to be searching for when it comes to finding your business’ products or services, then you’re going to benefit from increased visibility. The more visible you are, the better your conversion rates are likely to be, ultimately providing you with an affordable marketing solution for your business.


One of the most important parts of marketing that falls more towards the traditional areas of marketing and that is networking. Networking is vital for all small businesses to consider and the best part is, the majority of networking events are free! Whether you’re looking for local opportunities to get to know the community around you, or you’re looking to the capital and you’re searching for a networking event that will get you in front of some of the biggest names and brands in your industry, you can be certain that networking is important. You can also integrate your up-front networking efforts with social media campaigns, as this is another way to help you to network. Find out where your potential audience are and the events that your competitors are attending, and you’re more likely to be able to start networking for your business.

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