Fully Vaccinated and Ready to Date

The pandemic ruined the dating scene for singles as restrictions removed opportunities to mingle and meet new people. Even if online dating remained available, not being able to meet face-to-face in real life became an obstacle for relationships to fully develop.

According toPsychology Today, part of knowing if feelings are mutual include not hesitating to spend time together and consistently showing gestures of affection such as sitting close, holding hands, and hugging. If online dating couples are not able to do this in person, it is difficult for a relationship to continue to a level of commitment that includes the exchange ofpromise rings for men and women. This signifies a deeper level of devotion to each other and the willingness to announce that to the world.

With fully vaccinated people now allowed more freedom to move around outside the home without masks and physical distancing, they can start dating other fully vaccinated people in person. According to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), this means they have passed the two-week post-vaccination period after receiving a complete dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Dating Precautions

Online dating siteBumble consulted expertson how fully vaccinated people can go about dating. Infectious disease specialist and associate professor of medicine Emily Landon, MD of the University of Chicago states that if fully vaccinated people have unvaccinated people in their bubble, they must consider this in their actions because even if they are protected they can still transmit the virus to others. They must, therefore, stay masked in enclosed areas where unvaccinated people may be around. In their case, it is safer to meet up with fellow vaccinated people in outdoor areas where they can go unmasked.

Associate professor of infectious diseases Colleen Kelley, MD of the Emory University School of Medicine states that there is still no conclusive data about how effective current vaccines are against new variants of Covid-19, hence, fully vaccinated people must still avoid going to areas where there is a surge of new variants. They must, therefore, also find out if the other fully vaccinated person they intend to meet lives in an area where there is a new variant surge.

Both doctors caution against going on a date in a bar because of the likelihood that there are many unvaccinated people around and people are mingling close to each other. They both recommend a spacious museum that limits the number of people inside. Bumble also states that it is safer to meet a person for the first time in a public place. Once both people are comfortable with it, it is also safe for fully vaccinated people to meet in each other’s homes.

Dr. Landon highlights the need to first talk about how the other person has been handling pandemic precautions. Both people must be on the same page for a relationship to be possible.

Serious Dating

Glamour MagazineandRefinery29 reporton a survey by Bumble among its users in the U.S., the UK, Australia, and Canada in August 2020 and research by OnePoll in the UK and Ireland in June to July 2020. The results present a prediction on how people will date in 2021.

Bumble states that 46 percent of its users will be “hardballing” in 2021. This means knowing what they are looking for in a potential partner and taking dating seriously as a step toward a long-term relationship. These users will not be dating just for fun.

Also, 46 percent of Bumble users would rather go on a virtual first date before meeting up in person. Use of Bumble’s Voice Call and Video Chat features rose by 70 percent in the U.S.

Slow dating is a preference among 40 percent of Bumble users. They want to take time to get to know each other before meeting up in real life. This also applies to going into a relationship. People want to think deeply about what they want in a relationship first.

Exploring the Dating Scene

Bumble estimates that 25 percent of its U.S. users in 2021 are newly single after breaking up from long-term partners and those who will be using digital dating for the first time. They call these “New Dawn Daters” and expect them to be anxious about dating.

Bumble found that people who shared their astrological sign in the app’s astrology badge feature had a 60 percent increase in the average number of matches. It shows that people look at zodiac signs as a basis for compatibility.

Finally, Bumble states that more users prefer to date people in their communities. This makes sense in the pandemic because both will know the state of infections in their area and what is safe to do.

Looking for a life partner for a deep connection is aninnate human needaccording to Psychology Today. Even amid a pandemic, people will find ways to reach out. Fully vaccinated people now have more opportunities to do so.

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