Dating Advice for “Older” Millennials

Shocking though this may be to some, the oldest Millennials are pushing 40 years old. On the other end of the spectrum, even the youngest Millennials have been out of college for years at this point. This means that many Millennials are currently transitioning from young adulthood to middle-age. And as people get older, they tend to rearrange their priorities –– particularly when it comes to their romantic life. Indeed, it’s normal for people that age to start thinking seriously about marriage and forming a lifelong relationship with someone. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on the dating scene and provide some cogent advice for Millennials looking for more than just a “fling,” or a “hookup.”

Ditch the Apps

Tinder, Bumble, Grindr –– these dating apps may work well for people who are only interested in casual interactions, but they’re unlikely to help you meet a soul-mate. After all, connections based on appearances will most likely prove superficial. If you’re serious about getting in a long-term relationship, then consider changing your approach. Dating apps, clubs, and singles bars may be fun, but they’re not designed to help you find lasting love.

Tackle the Tough Subjects

Under most circumstances, it’s a wise idea to steer clear of certain taboo subjects when in public. Discussing religion, politics, sex, and finances will more often than not make people uncomfortable. However, it actually behooves individuals looking to form a lasting bond with their partner to cover potentially awkward subjects. Sure, it may not be fun to hash out money issues with your significant other, but the reality is that successful couples communicate very well. You don’t have to agree on everything, but it’s important that you and your partner are at least on the same page.

Learn from Your Past

It may be tempting to try and reconnect with an old flame. And while some people may be able to get back together with an ex successfully, most of us don’t have that luxury. Still, it’s important to take important lessons from your past relationships and to note what works and what doesn’t. True, no two people are exactly the same, but if you don’t learn from the mistakes of your past relationships, then you’ll be destined to repeat them.

Try Something New

Doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity. (Or at least, that’s how the saying goes.) Given that fact, older Millennials should be willing to break out of their comfort zones in order to build meaningful relationships. Haunting the same bars, revisiting the same date spots, and courting the same people will –– predictably –– yield similar results. It’s amazing the amount of exciting first date ideas innovative people can come up with if they just stop to think for a few minutes. Everything from the zany (like sky-diving) to the more reserved (like going to a museum) may prove beneficial in securing an awesome first date. Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t easy, but it’s important all the same.

Accentuate the Positive

The unfortunate truth is that many people are quick to spot the faults and failings in others –– particularly those they’ve just meant. While it can be difficult to refrain from casting judgements while on a date with a new person, it’s imperative to enter each night out with an open mind at least. If possible, look for the positive traits in everyone you meet. Just making this slight attitude adjustment can improve the nature of your romantic relationships in a substantial manner.

Open Up

Many people behave differently on dates than they do in their everyday lives. And while there’s nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward in order to make a good impression, it’s unwise to present a false front in any way. Instead of trying to convince a potential partner that you’re worth the time and trouble, consider opening up and sharing your thoughts, emotions, and interests. It can be quite frightening to be forthright and honest with a relative stranger, but doing so will give you both the chance to establish a meaningful connection. Clamming up and focusing on the superficial won’t.

Stay Safe

At a certain point, it’s easy to assume that you’ve seen everything there is to see on the dating landscape. However, you should always take certain steps to protect your well-being before, during, and after a date. Tell your friends where you’re going and who you’re going with before a blind date; don’t be afraid to approach a bartender or waiter if you feel uncomfortable on a date and need assistance. In addition, practicing safe sex and visiting an STD testing clinic regularly will also help you maintain a clean bill of health. Remember, your safety is always priority number one!

Don’t Give Up

Everyone gets discouraged from time to time. And though dating can be frustrating, confusing, or just plain depressing, it is possible to find that perfect someone. You just have to keep looking. Remember that the next time you’re feeling down and keep your head held high!

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