5 Sweet Signs That You Are Officially a Couple

Navigating through the dating world is hard. There’s quite a bit of stress involved — from awkward first date conversations to crafting interested-but-not-desperate text messages.

Let’s say you’ve moved past those initial stages and found someone you’re really into. Things seem to be going well — it’s definitely more than just a sexual relationship — but you’ve yet to have “the talk” about making it official.

Are you actually a couple? How do you know? Without a straight-forward verbal commitment, there are still ways to determine whether your new love interest is officially off the market. Here are five sweet signs that you are officially a couple

  1. You Spend More Time Together Than Apart

Are you friends wondering where you are half of the time? Then you’re probably part of a couple. The more committed you become, the more time you’ll want to spend together. (And not just in bed.) Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a trip to the grocery store, you do it together. If you’re more than happy to accompany them to the DMV, you’re not only a great human but also a great significant other. (And definitely a keeper.)

  1. Their Friends Know All About You

Do their friends know you met on dating site? Are you surprised to learn they know your favorite food or the story of how you broke your arm in third grade? Your new significant other has been talking about you, and that’s a good thing. If you consider yourself part of a couple, you’re probably talking about your new interest a lot. (And your friends are probably tired of hearing it.) A new relationship is exciting if you’re with the right person — so much so that you’ll want everyone around you to know about it.

  1. You Have a Toothbrush at Their Place

And shampoo. And your own space in the closet. And a key. See where we’re going with this? If you’ve moved in without officially moving in, you might as well face it — you’re exclusive. While this usually happens gradually after spending so many nights together, it can also be a sweet gesture. Making the grand presentation of a toothbrush for your new love interest is arguably the cutest way to confirm your relationship status indirectly.

  1. You’re Talking About the Future

Happy couples talk about a lot of things, including the future. Whether you’re planning a vacation or your hypothetical wedding, the simple fact that you see yourself with them months or years down the road is a surefire sign that you’re totally committed. Speaking of the future, does this mean you’re actually in love, too? Having thoughts of marriage, kids, and growing old together could mean you’ve found “the one.” If that doesn’t scream “we’re a couple,” then what does?

  1. You’ve Met Each Other’s Families

Have you enthusiastically introduced them to your parents? Are you best friends with their siblings? Both signs indicate there’s no need to worry about a lack of commitment. Meeting each other’s families is a big deal, especially if you’re unsure about the relationship’s direction. Even if it’s a brief mention of going to their parent’s house for dinner, the fact that they’re thinking about it is a great indicator that you’re more than just a fling.

Are You Officially a Couple? Trust Your Gut

Sure, there are solid ways to determine whether you’re actually a couple, but the bottom line? Trust your instincts. If you’re questioning a commitment from the other side, it might be for a good reason. Honesty and communication are key to bringing the two of you to the next stage of your relationship.

That said, always keep an eye out for sweet signs that let you know you’re officially dating — it adds even more excitement to finding new love!

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