Psychological Aspects of Love

okffHey, guys! For today’s discussion, I’m going to talk about eight interesting psychological aspects of love.

Number 1: Couples in love sometimes synchronise their heartbeat and their brain patterns.

Not even kidding. Couples who have been hooked to monitors for their heart and their brain functions were found to synchronise every few moments while interacting with each other. This is often explained as momentary love, in which we have a moment that makes us feel loved and is the backbone to long-term love.

Number 2: Love evolves.

The old cliché of I love the same as the day we met is just simply impossible for most people. Love evolves from what we call the honeymoon period to the exciting and lustful time into something a little more stately and practical. If you can keep it up. This evolution, in my opinion, is not something to be mourned. It’s something to be excited about. Wouldn’t life be boring if things didn’t change?

Number 3: You can create attraction.

A study on several couples on blind dates which were all pre-planned by the people conducting the tests. Some of them did silly things like playing on a pogo stick and some of them did like adrenaline pumping things such as zip-lining. Others were calmer and went on picnics. Those who experienced the adrenaline rush from doing silly things and doing things that were dangerous in fact experienced a heightened amount of connection and attraction with the person they were on a date with.

Number 4: Giving your partner space is beneficial for the relationship.

In our society, we like to think of couples as attached to the hip all the time. They’ll always invite to things together as a couple and some people actually get concerned when they see one side of the couple out without the other. However contrary to this space is very beneficial. Some couples are away from each other for weeks and even months when they’re off travelling to different places. This allows the two of them just to come together. Bring all of their own new experiences and all of their excitement back into the relationship. Space provides individuality while you can both still grow together.

Number 5: A person’s smell has a big influence on the mate selection.

Love, of course, if often mixed with things like having children. But did you know if neither person likes the smell of another in particularly their sweat? That means that they’re genetically diverse enough that they would have healthy children. This doesn’t, of course, mean that all smells are going to be found equal. But it’s something to think about.

Number 6: Couples who are together for 25 years or more tend to look like each other.

Have you ever noticed how your Grandma and your Grandpa look alike? It’s because they’ve been together for so long. Studies have shown that people who are married or are in long-term relationships for 25 years or more tend to adopt similar facial expressions and act very much alike giving them the appearance that they look alike.

men hands

Number 7: Improving upon yourself will help your relationships.

I could probably go hours talking about this but in a nutshell: the more you love yourself, the more you can give to other people. I realise that this can be cliché these days but there’s also something to think about on this topic. When you’re young, you may not know what you want in a relationship. You may not even know what you want from life but if you spend time getting to know yourself. Starting to love yourself, learning what it is that you love in yourself and in others. You can give more of your best and look for exactly what you want in a partner.

Number 8: The recently in love brain looks exactly like a brain on Heroin.

Yeah. Seriously! I save the best for last of course. When you recently fall in love with someone the areas of your brain that are activated and the way they are activated and even the chemicals that are released are the same as someone who has just done heroin. True story.

If you guys have any interesting facts on love, make sure to comment them below because I would love to hear them!

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