Top 5 Reasons Why Women Prefer Clean-shaven Men to Date

clean-shaven menChoosing Mr. Right for women is a task for them because they have a list of qualities that all cannot be easily find in one man. One of the qualities is the neatness that includes well-shaved hair. However, tastes differ; there are those who love bushy men and others clean-shaven men. A study shows that clean-shaved men associated with decency, but it does not mean that the ones with hair are indecent. Women have reasons best known to themselves of considering clean-shaved men for dating but the following are the most obvious reasons for their choice:

  1. Clean-shaved are perceived as presentable

On the line of interaction among humans, the first impression that a person gives to the other party determines how that party will take you. In the case of shaved head, hair, and beard, most women always believe that men with the clean-shaved hair are always the most decent and the probability that they are good people is very high. Therefore given two men; one with clean-shaved hair and another with dreadlocks to choose the clean-shaved one stands a chance of been chosen. The society that includes most employees in the formal offices except the music and theater industry prefers the clean-shaved men for hiring. It is a motivating factor and a great influence to the choices of the women. The key thing here is the first impression.

  1. Shaved pubic hair gives more convenience during mating

When we talk about shaving hair what ring into your mind are the physically visible hair and the beard. However, you should think beyond there. Pubic hair is one of the hairs that most people are in a dilemma whether to shave or not. Some scientific research show that the when pubic hair is left to grow long it acts as the breeding point for bacteria which may not be very healthy to the host and the sexual partner. It also emits an unpleasant smell that makes most women run away to those men with clean-shaved hair. The armpit hair also emits smell, especially on a hot day.

  1. Men with clean-shaved hair are confident

Most of those people who keep long hair are always worried whether their hair is neat or not. However those with neatly shaved head hair and beard, have no reason to worry about neatness because they are naturally neat. The confidence in such men is what keeps women attracted to them.

  1. Clean-shaved hair saves a woman the struggle with beard

In as much as some men may look very handsome with a bushy beard, it gives ladies a struggle when kissing or during ‘snuggle’. Men! Save your girlfriends the struggle and shave the bushy beard and most importantly to get you crash on her knees do yourself that favor for a catch.

  1. Men look fresh and appealing to the eye in shaved hair

Attraction to something or a person begins with the physical appearance. Every woman would love to go out with a man who is physically attractive and clean. This favors most men who like keeping their hair short, but this doesn’t rule out the bushy hair fashion. Also, short-haired men can be easily trusted unlike those with rough hairstyles that are mostly viewed as thugs.


Some men may wonder how they mostly fail to get their crashes, fail in interviews and have a problem of being taken seriously. Hey! Don’t let your self-esteem go down because of this, just check your hair state and readjust it and try again. However, you should not fear to put up hairstyles that you like because of ladies. Consider the kind of career you are in and the kind of women you want to attract because philosophy states that you attract your kind.

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