How to Know if Your Partner is a Keeper?

Some relationships are transitory and are only meant to last for a certain period in your life. So how do you know if he’s a keeper or not?

Number 1: He gets you.

When you’re feeling angry or sad, he knows exactly what to do. He doesn’t just ask are you okay like everybody else but rather gives you the time and space that you need. You don’t have to explain yourself to him because he accepts you for who you are and understands you.

Number 2: You can communicate without any words.

You know you’re close to someone when you don’t feel discomfort when you’re in long periods of silence with them. And when you speak to each other almost telepathically, it’s awesome. He knows what you think before you even say it.


Number 3: He takes care of you when you’re sick.

He comes over to your house to bring you some feel-good movies and some hot food, that he cooked himself. He drops everything to make sure you’re okay and doesn’t leave your side. When he looks after you, he’s showing you that he could be a potential long-term partner.

Number 4: He encourages you wholeheartedly, he believes in you and motivates you to go after your dreams and goals.

He never holds you back from anything you want to do in your life. He’s your number one supporter. After your mom, of course.

Number 5: You can rely on him.

You can call him up in times of emergency, and he’s guaranteed to show up. No questions asked. He takes your side even if he doesn’t agree with you and he’s there when you need him most.

Number 6: He’s seen you at your best and seen you at your worst.

He’s seen you sober and drunk, he knows what you look like in the morning, and he’s seen you when you’re all dressed up. He’s seen you through a tough time in your life and doesn’t judge you based on life decisions.

Number 7: He agrees with you on the important things.

One of the factors that determine a relationship is compatibility. He values the same things as you. He has the same life beliefs and philosophies. He may disagree with you in some areas, but he’s not afraid to compromise.

Number 8: He likes the things that you do, we’re attracted to people who are similar.

You both like the same books and movies and have the same taste in art. When someone shares the same interests as you, it’s easy to keep a conversation going and the date ideas are endless.

Number 9: He keeps things interesting.

Just when you thought he was predictable, he surprises you. It’s important to keep the romance alive for long term relationships. He acts romantic towards you in a special kind of way, just like when you first met.

Number 10: You don’t do everything together, but you can still function as individuals.

Sometimes couples get lost in being too much like each other and too co-dependent. In order for love to last it’s vital for each person to still continue doing the things they did before getting into the relationship.

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