5 Signs That Your Marriage Has Hit the Rocks

People say “marriages are made in heaven” and it proves to be true in case of the partners who are deeply in love and possess good qualities. But in cases where the spouses are suffocating in the marriage can be summed up as the experience of no less than a hell! In today’s time it has become a common phenomenon to break loose the marriages which are meant to stay for seven births; sometimes it might be the people and sometimes the circumstances responsible behind taking such steps.

A marriage is not an easy relationship; you get to marry your better half and live life accordingly is not something that is going to happen always. It involves ups and downs, happiness and sorrows at every step and it is kind of a test for the spouses to prove their love for each other through the journey.

The ones who fail in keeping up in this phase of life, break loose the bond and head for a divorce but the ones who bear patience and carry on with whatever comes in their way emerges out to be the winner of a successful journey of marriage.

But sometimes it is not these ups and downs that decide the fate of your marriage; there are other instances too that play a pivotal role in letting you maintain a good marriage all throughout. When people fall prey to such circumstances, walking the journey seems difficult and thus the marriages fail!

Here, we are going to discuss some of these issues that would help you to recognize whether it’s time for you to take the plunge- this time for getting out of the marriage!

When your partner abuses you physically– when you are in any kind of relation, abuses can be part of it but it must be limited to only verbal abuse and that too up to a certain extent. When the limit is crossed by your partner (it can be either of the husband or the wife) then it should not be tolerated at any cost. Moreover, in case of physical abuses, one must confide to an attorney for serious injury so that the matter is taken care of by the judiciary itself. When the matters are grave, the consequences of it must also be graver. And moreover, the ones who abuse should not walk free as it is a heinous crime to commit against the one you are hitched for life.

When your partner cheats on you– betrayal and infidelity in any relationship is a serious form of mistake and must never be taken in a light manner. When your partner whom you have laid your trust upon for the rest of your life commits to such a sin, you should realize that you are NOT “made for each other”. In a marriage, the trust factor plays a pivotal role in shaping up the entire relation. And as these bonds are built on the base of trust only, breaking it can’t make the relationship survive for long. Thus, when you get to know that your partner is into infidelity, you must realize that your marriage has hit the rocks!

When you fall prey to marital harassments– sometimes, the partners might be good but the harassments that the women face by their in-laws is something which is intolerable. There are many such cases where the physical thrashings and mental agonies have taken extreme shape in a marriage but the husband plays no role in taking actions against the wrongdoings and thus the wives keep suffering a long time. It is when they should realize that coming out of the marriage is more fruitful than holding on to it for long. Moreover, in cases like these also you can contact an attorney for serious injury if you are subjected to such possibilities by your in-laws.

When your partner does not respect you or your parents– well, getting harassed by your in-laws might be a crime but harassing them also is a serious crime. When you see your partner does not bother much about your parents and keep behaving badly with them, you should make them understand that it must not be done. Even if it continues repeatedly then is the time when you should realize what’s right and what’s wrong in the relation; as parents are the reasons behind our existence! Apart from parents, the partners must also respect each other even if they lack in love because without respect no relation can survive longer.

When you suffer from compatibility issues– compatibility in a marriage is a desperate need these days because most couples remain busy all throughout the day with their own professional and personal commitments and fail to take time out for each other. It is quite obvious that misunderstandings would occur but the ones who are compatible would be able to sort it out sooner than the ones who are not!

If marriages are made in heaven then why do we hear news of divorces so often? Well, marriages are indeed made in heaven but it is we people who force it to follow in the footsteps of hell. Actually, the real reason behind so many failed marriages is mere issues which become bigger with times due to non-understanding nature of the couples. They tend to take each other for granted and thus keep thinking that no matter what their partner would still stay. And the negligence and behavioral changes continue for long which after a certain point worsens to an extent where the only solution left in front of the couples are of divorces. Though it is tough to stay in a relationship where you no longer feel like continuing, we all should try to hold on to the marriages as far as possible; giving up at minor issues won’t make it any better. But when the matter is serious or the reasons are the ones mentioned above then it is time that you should rethink your decision of continuing with your ‘better half’.

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