What Is So Tempting About Extramarital Affair?

extramarital_affairs_21-10-2016No matter how far an albatross flies, it comes right back to the same place, where the other partner awaits its homecoming. What I have found is few birds are just like some of the human beings. No matter how harsh the situations get, they come back running to their Wonderwall every time. At the same time, there are also some people, who knowingly or unknowingly, desert the person that felt like home, seeking for the comfort in someone else’s arms. In this post, we will talk about the reasons why, even the best of the partners let the other down, and chose to have an affair outside the marriage.

Is monogamy a promise very hard to fulfill? For some partners, I guess it is not. Now, let us see what, in a marriage compels a partner to have an extra-marital affair, and embrace it for year after a year.

Different Priorities
Let us start with a basic example, for some people love ranks first among the essentials that one require in life, while the others put their work ahead everything. Someone has truly said, the things that a person priorities, turns them into what they are. Before marriage, everything appears lovely, it is after the marriage when the walls come down, and we began to know the person in and out. Sometimes it is the never-ending arguments & difference in the priorities that turn out to be the major catalyst for an extramarital affair.

Together For The Wrong Reasons
Lost in the blinding charm and the haste to settle down, the couples take the decision to get married very soon, just to realize how wrong was the judgment in the end. After being tied in the bond of marriage, the couples find out how immature was their decision, and give up on the holy vows. This is where, people developing friendships, or getting attracted to someone in the workplace or their surroundings, which later turns into an affair outside the marriage.

Inability To Bear Changes
Not everything remains the same, once you are married. Some couples welcome the change that marriage brings in their lives wholeheartedly, while the others stumble against the alterations taking place in one’s life, and start looking for the stability outside the marriage.

Search For Something New
This is where the majority of married relations fall down. The quest to find something exciting and new evades the people from the path to a faithful relation. Partners get bored of the regular arguments, lifestyle, or sometimes the looks of their partners, and choose to find something better outside.

Physical Dissatisfaction
We know, that physical intimacy is not everything in a married relation, but one cannot undermine the fact that most of the people look for the missing passion outside the marriage when a partner fails to satisfy the physical needs of the other, in a marriage.

Emotional Disconnect
It is not always the physical intimacy, sometimes it is the lack of emotional connection that makes the best of the lovers leave their happily ever after, and search for happiness outside the four walls that no longer feels like home.

As a human being it the absence of a person, that make us seek that comfort from the other. Sometimes, it the lack of a touch, words, or feelings that make us get attracted to someone else. Loneliness makes a person reach to the places he/she has never been, and find the same intimacy with someone else in the least expected place.

To conclude I would just say, no matter how hard the journey of a married couple is, cheating is always a choice, not the last resort, and it is better to abandon a heart before you start messing around with it.

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