Top 5 Signs of the Zodiac that Lie and Cheat

cheatersTrust is a great price in a couple or a relationship. Find out below which signs of the zodiac are prone to lying and cheating.

We start in the reverse order.

5th place: Taurus

These people are very loyal. But if the partner has been caught cheating, an awful revenge is following. They never forgive and have the ability to fall on their feet. Taurus men usually cheat more often than Taurus women.

4th place: Aries

This sign is always ready to lie and cheat. Due to their adventurous character, they seek other horizons to satisfy their cravings for novelty. If they discover the partner has not been faithful, cheating in turn is the revenge.

3rd place: Leo

Lions have a strong ego and are always craving for consideration. They can get across boundaries very easily and cheat without becoming conscious of what they did. Although you may think you’re safe around a Leo, the truth is they are always looking for “prey”.

2nd place: Pisces

Pisces are possessive and jealous but are lying and cheating without putting too much weight on it. Pisces resemble Leo and don’t miss a chance to make the partners jealous, especially if they feel that they are attracted to someone else.

1st: Gemini

Gemini natives are very “slippery” and should not put too much trust in their words. They are very garrulous but can keep their secrets well hidden. Not the same can be said when it comes to others’ secrets. They disclose’em immediately and “spice” over.

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