Tips for Future Online Entertainers

You have probably watched tons of viral videos, subscribed to numerous popular channels, and followed a couple of influential streamers. A thought must have crossed your mind that you can do the same, come up with interesting content, become famous, and start earning money via ads or donations. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the perks of fame, and do what you really love for a living.

Unfortunately, this sounds too ideal, and it is really a far cry from the truth. In order to become a viral online star, you’ll need to work hard, and honestly, hope for the best. When you begin your career you are not relevant enough, so chances of you being discovered are really slim. In other words, you’ll need to be persistent and wait until you are featured on a home page of a famous website.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be good or offer quality content if you want your users to stay and subscribe. Here are some tips that might prove useful in case you want to be the next online trend.

Original content


The best thing you can do to be a useful entertainer is to have your original content. This does not mean you have to invent something new or groundbreaking, but it means you should not copy someone else who is already famous. Your content needs to build on something that already exists, so that it opens up a new perspective. For example, someone makes movies, other people review them, and the next step is to have someone who, in a way, reviews the reviewers.

Think about what you like and how you can push the boundaries of that particular niche. Also, it would be for the best to focus on making videos, since it’s the most engaging type of content, so download tools and watch some video editing tutorials, if you want your content to have greater value.

Lastly, try to pick something that is currently popular, like video games, superhero movies, celebrities, athletes etc. If people are up to date with what you are talking about and gain additional information from you, they are more likely to follow you.

Your website

If you want to be taken seriously, you’ll need your own website, where you can post content and that you can also use to promote other people who pay you. You can go with a WordPress website and use a theme that is adequate for the type of content you want to create. There are themes for restaurant websites, magazine websites, blogging platforms, sites where users upload pictures etc. You can also add a shop to your site and earn fund by means of affiliate marketing, and if a particular product goes well with your niche, it will be easy for you to incentivize purchases.

It can be somewhat difficult to figure out all the ins and outs at once, and if you need to learn how to make quality videos you won’t have time to figure out how to create and maintain a website. You can outsource these services, and find a company that will create and maintain your site. It would be wise to go through online reviews and see whether a company you want to work with, is really as good as they claim to be.

Constant updates

Once you have a site and your channel on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo or any other platform that supports videos, you need to start generating content. Show your audience that you are serious about becoming a quality entertainer, by having a schedule for new content. You need to create a new video on weekly or daily basis, or two times a week, which would be ideal.

If you are streaming, then pick a date for your streaming sessions. Make sure it’s not Friday or on weekends, since people are very likely to make plans during those days, and therefore unlikely to watch you.

Social network activity

In order for your users and viewers to appreciate you, it is crucial that you respect them and socialize with them. So, be active on social networks, share your content there as well and feel free to pay some money in order or networks to boost it. Answer their questions, acknowledge their comments and ignore internet trolls. It’s would be also good to have your own profile and a separate group or page that represents your website.

User engagement

One way to inspire engagement is responsiveness. When users know their comments do not fall on deaf ears, they are more likely to remain loyal. However, you also need to give them a reason to be active participants of your show. So, make sure you reward diligent viewers. Organize some sort of gift distribution, or contest, and users will stay engaged. It may be difficult to do this at the very beginning, but as soon as the financial conditions for this are right, start doing it immediately.

Revitalize your program


In case your well of ideas runs dry, do not try to draw from it. You can start doing something completely unrelated, if you are entertaining and if people love watching what you do, then it won’t matter to them if you’ve started something new. You can play a completely different type of game, do a completely different genre of movies or videos, and basically do something fresh. You will feel better and most of your viewers will probably appreciate it.

Well this roughly covers it. There are not universal tips on how to be successful, but in order to have a solid base for success, you’ll need to do all of these things. Again, remember to be persistent, and to release new content in spite of the number of viewers, and eventually your base will grow.

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