Efficient Ways to Promote Yourself Online as a Photographer

Sometimes, it takes so much more to be successful than to be good at what you do. Even if you are a creative photographer and even if your work is unique and has a lot of quality, you will still have to get out there and beat all the competition if you are striving for success. Here’s a good way to start!

Step 1: Portfolio


Every photographer must have a portfolio available if he or she wants to be hired and change the flow of his or her career and life. So, chop chop! Get to work and organize some of your best photographs, chose those you think are worth showing to other people. You should have this selected collection of your photographs printed, but you should have an online portfolio as well for example, on a blog. There are many sites where you can do this, but my personal suggestion would be to make your own website and present your work there.

Step 2: Make Your Website

Making your website should be done carefully. You don’t want to end up having a sloppy and dysfunctional website that will make you look unprofessional. No matter if you are creating your own website or you’ve hired someone to do it for you, you should pay attention to these details:

  • Language – contact info and descriptions must be well written
  • Having a proper hosting provider
  • All the parts of your website must function properly
  • Your web design should be of great quality (after all, you are an artist so it all about that)
  • Make sure that the site isn’t confusing and that anyone can manage through it easily
  • Fill it with as many photographs as you can

Step 3: Create a Blog


You should have a blog on your website. This is nothing too complicated, it can help and it can be a great advertising tool as well. Here, you can write about what inspires you, which equipment you use, which techniques and anything that you find relevant for photography. Later on, you can share some of your blog post on social media and make yourself known to a wider audience. Writing just a couple of blog posts and then neglecting this is not the best thing you can do. If people over time like your writing, you should regularly post some interesting articles in order to gather subscribers and viewers.

Step 4: Connect with Other Photographers

Connecting with your competition is nothing bad, think of it as a promotional marketing, as a matter of fact, it can help you. Firstly, you can learn something from those people and secondly, you might catch someone’s attention this way. Don’t worry, not all the people are greedy – some might like your work and share it with others. That is why making connections is really important. Follow and add them on social networks, comment on their blog posts, and some of them will appreciate it and do the same for you.

Step 5: Share, Share and Then Share Some More


Be present on social networks, they are your greatest tool for success these days. Take advantage of all the popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, MySpace, and even try making some YouTube videos if you have some creative ideas. Constantly share your posts and photographs from your hosted website, make contest or even give out some of your work to people. All of this is what you need to do if you really want to succeed. Don’t forget to create an account on Instagram which has become really popular recently and people, especially photographers from all around the world, use it for promotion. There are even sites that can help you sell some of your Instagram photos, so I would say that this might turn out to be really profitable.

Step 6: Be Innovative

It is good to be creative and innovative when photographing, but it is equally good to have a creative approach when promoting yourself. Think of something new, use your photographs for creating business cards and visually attract attention to your work.

If you are not prepared to work really hard for your own success, be sure that no one will do that for you. You want to be a successful photographer? Then do something about it already.


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